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Wisconsin engineer


Lepak, Nick; Schoenheider, Nick, Editor
Wisconsin engineer
Volume 118, Number 1
Madison, Wisconsin: Wisconsin Engineering Journal Association, December 2013

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[Cover] Wisconsin engineer

[Contents], p. 1

Wisconsin Engineer staff, p. 2

From freshman to super senior, Underwood, Elly p. 3

Collaboration is the key to… materials innovation, Panighetti, Robby p. 4-5

Fullerenes: pervasive structures of the nanoworld, Wesley, Thejas p. 6

Professor profile: Glenn Bower, Chung, Hanwook p. 7

Cytofission: a piece of the puzzle, Alt, Justin pp. 8-9

Engineering World Health, Hantzch, Alyssa p. 10-11

Caring for Mendota: the bioretention project, Donnell, Margaret p. 12

Hands-on education: the UW E-Business Consortium's goal of fostering a mutually beneficial university-industry relationship, Latuszek, Matt p. 13

An idea that's not just full of hot air, Duff, Charlie pp. 14-15

UW-Madison Marching Band, Kerber, Andy pp. 16-17

Engineering in the food industry, Ross, Christopher pp. 18-19

A little competition is a good thing, or is it?, White, Zach pp. 20-21

NASA 3-D collapsible printer, Theis, Paul pp. 22-23

Transcend engineering, McIntire, Brenda pp. 24-[25]

SunPower: coming to a grid near you!, p. 26-27

Web exclusive content, p. 28


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