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Wisconsin engineer


Furniss, Jon, Editor
Wisconsin engineer
Volume 101, Number 1
Madison, Wisconsin: Wisconsin Engineering Journal Association, November, 1996

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[Cover] Wisconsin engineer

[Contents], p. [1]

Editorial: women in engineering, Schultz, Jennifer p. 2

Time and motion studies: a little piece of industrial engineering, Zeller, Diana p. 3

How sweet it is!!!, Vokoun, Matthew pp. 4-5

Asbestos: natural (air) borne killer, Nelson, Rob pp. 6-8

Special report: spotlight on technical careers: project x, Woolston, Don pp. 9-10

Training for a technical career: how to know where to go, Truscott, Michelle p. 11

The best one or two years of your life, Vail, Sara pp. 12-13

Technical schools in Wisconsin, Schultz, Jennifer p. 14

Engineering for the 21st century, Schultz, Jennifer p. 15

Medical careers... "what choices do you have?", Scott, Trisha pp. 16-17

Never fear, captain craft is here, Narvaez, Veronica pp. 18-19

The wonderful world of engineering, Storm, Sarah pp. 20-21

Engineering from A-Z, Storm, Sarah p. 22

Lifelong learning, Furniss, Jon p. 23

Wisconsin universities, Schultz, Jennifer p. 24

The new engineering center building, Feldman, Jim pp. 25-26

Expo '97 updates April 18-20, Furniss, Jon pp. 27-28

The fountain and engineering expo 1997, Poupore, Mary pp. 28-29

Exhibiting at the engineering exposition, Furniss, Jon p. 29

Faculty profile: Sanford A. Klein, Furniss, Jon pp. 30-31

Just one more, Furniss, Jon pp. 32 ff.


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