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The University of Wisconsin : a history


Curti, Merle Eugene, 1897-; Carstensen, Vernon Rosco, 1907-
The University of Wisconsin : a history
Volume 1
Madison, Wisconsin: University of Wisconsin Press, 1949

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[Wisconsin state university]

[Half-title] The University of Wisconsin: a history, 1848-1925, pp. i-ii

[Commemoration], p. iii

The University charter, p. iv

[Title page] The University of Wisconsin, pp. v-vi

[Dedication], pp. vii-viii

Preface, pp. ix-xiv

Contents, pp. xv-xvi

Illustrations, pp. xvii-xviii

Origins of the state university idea: part one, pp. 1-2

1. Origins of the state university idea, pp. 3-34

Years of the beginning, 1836-1866: part two, pp. 35-36

2. The University in territorial days, pp. 37-69

3. The aims of the founders, pp. 70-119

4. Concerning lands and buildings, pp. 120-152

5. Regents, presidents, professors, pp. 153-184

6. Students: Mid-Nineteenth century, pp. 185-204

New foundations, 1866-1887: part three, pp. 205-206

7. Of growth and government, pp. 207-217

8. President Paul Chadbourne, pp. 218-235

9. President John Twombly, pp. 236-245

10. President John Bascom, pp. 246-274

11. The mind of John Bascom, pp. 275-295

12. Financial support from the state, pp. 296-326

13. The organization of the faculty, pp. 327-363

14. The student body, pp. 364-393

15. The student mind, pp. 394-438

16. The rise of specialized education, pp. 439-475

17. University and public schools, pp. 476-498

From college to university, 1887-1903: part four, pp. 499-500

18. The making of a university, pp. 501-533

19. President Thomas Chamberlin, pp. 534-560

20. President Charles Kendall Adams, pp. 561-579

21. Getting and spending, pp. 580-607

22. The University faculty, pp. 608-658

23. Students: the end of a century, pp. 659-692

24. The rise of collegiate athletics, pp. 693-710

25. The University Extension, pp. 711-739 ff.

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[Wisconsin state university]

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