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Murphy, Thomas H. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 86, Number 3 (March 1985)

Letters,   p. 21

Page 21

Would We Lie To You??
We're confused! The December, 1984 issue of
"On Wisconsin" told us that when the Badger
Yearbook started in 1885, the first name was
Trochos, "an approximation of the Latin name
for the badger." Then the January-February
Wisconsin Alumnus came, telling us of a three-
year project called Trochos, "the Greek word
for 'wheel'."
   Are you trying to tell us that Bucky is a big
wheel on campus??
SANDY (Svec '69) and TERRY YONKER '68
Eagle, Mich.
The three words 'Wisconsin Alumnus Magazine'
are the international phrase for
"infallible. "--Ed.
As a Wisconsin alumnus who has just received
his first issue of the magazine (Jan/Feb), I want
to compliment you on its content and quality. I
regret only that it has taken me almost twenty
years to send in my "subscription." I suspect that
I am not alone in that regard. Some of us need a
special reminder of the significance of our years
at Wisconsin to our later personal and profes-
sional lives. In my case, it was my receipt of the
first issue of the "Honors News," seeking ideas
and recommendations from Honors alumni.
   Finally, regarding the feature, "Bad Night in
Birmingham," I occasionally dust off my 1963
band jacket and Rose Bowl emblem and reflect
on Bucky's comeback potential and character.
Our 1984 football Badgers reflected the best of
that tradition. While we shared in their disap-
pointment on December 29, we also share in the
pride in their outstanding accomplishments un-
der the leadership of Coach McClain. On Wis-
KEITH J. KAAP'65, '71
Prof. John Harvey and his wife Jean giving a European organ recital. The
dates from the 1550s.
Harveys to be
'Your Musical Hosts.'
EProm July 27 to August 9, alumni who travel on WAA's "Passage of the
Xto Vienna, Prague, Berlin and East Germany will find their journey enriched
the presence of Emeritus Prof. John Harvey and his wife Jean. In the year
marks the 300th anniversary of the birthdays of both Johann Sebastian Bach
George Frederick Handel, the couple bring a wealth of musical experience
training to the tour.
   Prof. Harvey is a graduate of Oberlin College and Union Theological Semi-
nary's School of Sacred Music. He joined our faculty in 1960, teaching organ
until he retired last year, presiding over the fifty-six bells of the University's
five foot carillon tower. In 1975 he was awarded the "einddiploma"
in carillon per-
formance following a year of study at the Dutch Carillon School in Amersfoort,
Holland. He has performed throughout the US and Canada and has served as
official carillonneur at the Royal Palace in Amsterdam. His wife, Jean, earned
degree in music education and organ from Oberlin and, like her husband, has
formed for many years as organist at various Madison churches.
   The couple has traveled widely in Europe and on visits to East Germany,
Harvey has played many of the organs that survive from the Baroque period,
number of which are located in cities the tour will visit. "We plan
to offer informal
instruction, sharing our knowledge of old and new music, of operas, choral
orchestral works, composers, churches, cathedrals, organs and carillons.
In Vi-
enna, we'll be in what was once the musical capital of the world. Every notable
musician of the 18th and 19th centuries found his way there: Mozart, Beethoven,
the Strausses, Haydn. In Eisenach, East Germany, we'll visit the area where
grew up, lived and worked. We don't intend to inundate people with it, but
we can
point out the house where Schumann was born or Weibert Castle which was the
inspiration for much of Wagner's work. We've spent our lives as professional
cians, and we hope that background will add an extra dimension to this tour."
MARCH/APRIL 1985 / 21

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