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Murphy, Thomas H. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 86, Number 3 (March 1985)

Mucks, Arlie M., Jr.
On Wisconsin,   p. 4

Page 4

By Arlie M. Mucks, Jr. '43
Executive Director
ne of the goals adopted by the As-
         sociation's Board of Directors is
         to "emphasize academic excel-
lence by providing recognition to outstand-
ing faculty, students and alumni." It's an
important aim because it focuses on the
people essential to the sustained quality of
our University.
   This issue of the Alumnus announces
the four who will be honored on Alumni
Weekend with Distinguished Service
Awards in recognition of "their profes-
sional achievements and their continuing
dedication to the University through
alumni citizenship" (see page 10). We ex-
tend our congratulations and appreciation
to our award recipients for their loyalty and
service to Alma Mater.
   The Association's Recognition and
Awards Committee at its January meeting
also selected four alumni club leaders for
their outstanding contributions to the Uni-
versity at the community level. They will
receive the "Spark Plug" Awards in Octo-
ber at our Alumni Leadership Conference.
   A third award recognizing alumni serv-
ice and leadership was presented for the
first time last year: the Wisconsin Loyalty
Award annually honors a graduate for his
or her sustained alumni involvement as a
past committee member, director or officer
of WAA.
   The selection process for the Associa-
tion's student awards program got under-
way this past month. A total of 158 juniors
and seniors were nominated for these
awards, which are annually given to four
seniors and six juniors. The screening and
interviews scheduled in the weeks ahead
present a major challenge for members of
the committee because of the excellent aca-
demic records and the quality of those nom-
inated. Over the years we've found that
many of our winners continue to demon-
strate their dedication and leadership by
serving as alumni volunteers once they've
   Another important dimension of our
recognition program became a reality in
1981 with WAA's participation in the Uni-
versity's Excellence in Teaching Awards. A
faculty committee appointed by the chan-
cellor annually selects eleven for recogni-
tion at the spring meeting of the Faculty
Senate. We have provided a cash award to
one of these, but last year we expanded our
role by sponsoring a second award. In 1985
we will more than double the amount of
funds presented to each of the two recipi-
   The Wisconsin Alumni Association is
proud to be included on the list of sponsors
for these teaching awards. They provide
recognition and support to faculty who
have enhanced the prestigious reputation
for which our University is noted world-
wide. It is our opportunity to say thank you.
   We invite your participation in the nom-
ination process. A nomination form for
alumni awards is regularly included in the
September/October issue of the Alumnus.
We also encourage you to send us the
names of qualified students who may be
considered for junior scholarships or senior
   As Association members, you share in
the pride when alumni, students and faculty
are honored at the All-Alumni Dinner in
May. Your membership dues make it all
possible. The recognition programs you
fund provide alumni a unique opportunity
to stay involved in preserving the quality of
a great University. Thank you for helping
all of us achieve this goal.      F

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