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Loeb, Max (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 7, Number 3 (Dec. 1905)

Coe, Jerome
Faculty notes,   pp. 145-146

Page 145

Faculty Notes.
Conducted by Jerome Coe, 07.
  On Thursday evening, Dec. 7, Dr.
2¶d Mr~q F'._ A_ Bilrrn wer@ =it hn~me
to the members of Phi Beta Kappa.
The, function was in honor of the
founding of the society,.Dec. 5, 1776.
Dr. and Mrs. Birge annually entertain
this organization and invitations were
issued to all the members in Madison.
  Professor R, L. Lyman has been
elected an honorary member of Phi
Alpha Tau, the oratorical fraternity.
Professor Lyman is among- the new
members of the- faculty this year,
holding the position of' assistant pro-
fessor of Rhetoric and Oratory.
  Professor of Political Economy,
John R. Commons, a member: of a
comnnittee formed, by the National
Civic federation to investigate the
comparative results of private and mu-
nicipal ownership and operation of.
gas,- electricity and water plants and
street railways, attended a committee
meeting of the above committee in the
latter part bf November.
  rresident van ruse oi me o6tate
University, while inspecting   stone
quarries west of the city in company
with uniirersity architect Peabody re-
cently, was thrown from his horse, as
a result of the animal's slipping and
sustained a slight. injury to his shoul-
der. "Although somewhat- shaken up,
President Van Hise was able to be at
his office the following morning as
  The "University League gave a fac-
ulty tea in C'adbourne hall, Saturday
afternoon, Dec. 9. This organization
is made up of the wives of faculty
members and it very instrumental in
maintaining acquaintanceship and con-
geniality among the 268 members of
the faculty. Various social activities,
are planned by them throughout the
  Professor A. R. Hohlfeld recently
lectured at the West Division High
school nf Milwaiike.e oni  "In  andt
About Berlin," and in the East Divi-
sion High school on "A Trip Down
the Rhine."
   Mr. L. F., Miller of the department
of mathematics. presented a paper be-
fore the Central Association of Sci-
ence and Mathematic Teachers, which,
held session in Chicago, Dec. i and 2.
  IAt the 25th annual convention of
the National Civil Service Reform
league held in Milwaukee Dec 14-15,-
President C. R. Van Hise delivered
the address" of welcome and      Dr.
Samuel E,. Sparling read a paper on
"Civil Service Reform in the West." -
  Professor R. G."'Thwaites, superin-
tendent of the Wisconsin Historical
society and a former member of the
university faculty, has just finished
the appraisement of the' Bancroft li-
brary for the University of California.
Upon the recommendation of Profes-
sor Thwaites the libirartyr was pur-
cnaseci Dy the C..aniorn1a university
for $250,0oo.
  Dr. Charles R. Bardeen, professor
of anatomy at the university, delivered
a year ago at a meeting of the Sci-
ehce Club an addTess on the history
of anatomy in America.     This ad-
dress in an expanded, form, together
with numerous explanatory notes has
been published as a Bulletin of the
University  of Wisconsin, Science
  Among the non-resident professors,
who have been engaged for the sum-
mer session is Professor Albert Perry
Brigham, head of the departmefit of
geology of Colgate University, Ham-
ilton, N. Y., one of' the leading physi-
ographers of the country.  Professor
Brigham is well known as the joint
author of Gilbert and Brigham's Phys-
ical Geography which is widely used
nnd Mr.,; V.    'Birge were at home   school of Milwaukee on "Tn an

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