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Murphy, Thomas H. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 77, Number 2 (Jan. 1976)

Alumni news,   p. 20

Page 20

Alumni News
Lowell Frautschi '27, Madison, was
honored recently by the Wisconsin
Union trustees for a half-century of con-
tinued service beginning with his
election to the Union student board
in 1925. He is re-elected chairman
of the Union Building Association which
consists of all who have ever
contributed to that fund, thereby
boasting more than 45,000 members.
The association is presently attempting to
raise $1 million for Union renovation
in time for its fiftieth anniversary in 1978.
Sylvester K. Guth '30, South Euclid,
Ohio, who retired in 1974 from General
Electric, has been elected to a
four-year term as president of the
Commission Internationale de
r'Eclairage (International Commission
of Illumination).
Frank and Elizabeth (McGuire '33)
Wiesner '31, Centerville, Ohio, have
provided this campus with a hefty group
of alumni, we're reminded by
Robert R. Brown '57, Dayton, Ohio.
Six of the Wiesner's seven sons have
graduated from here. They are: William
John '57, Thomas N. '62, Paul J. '63,
Richard J. '67, and George '73. The
elder Wiesner retired two years ago
from a division of Kimberly-Clark.
Charles C. Watson '32, on our chemical
engineering faculty for nearly thirty
years, received the Benjamin     Smith
Reynolds Award for teaching excellence
in October. Regent Milton Neshek,
who presented the award, said Prof. Wat-
son's students look on him as "a friend,
counselor, and willing listener who,
rather than solving their problems,
raises questions, makes suggestions to
stimulate them to arrive at their own
viable solutions."
J. Robert Wilson '36, Akron, Ohio, retired
at the end of the year as vice-
chairman and board member of Roadway
Express, Inc. He's been with the
organization since 1951.
Garland G. Parker '41, Cincinnati, has
been elected to another three-year term
on the board of the American College
Testing Program (ACT). Dr. Parker
has been on the history faculty of the
University of Cincinnati since 1947, and
annually receives national news
coverage with his statistical studies
which show trends and fluctuations in
college enrolment across the nation.
Inglis Limited, a Canadian affiliate of the
Whirlpool Corporation, has elected
Herbert K. Anspach '47 as its presi-
dent and chief operating officer.
The Anspachs live in Toronto.
After twenty-five years with Foote Cone
& Belding in Chicago, Duane C.
Bogie '47 joins N. W. Ayer in
New York as a senior vice-president.
He will be management supervisor
on the AT&T corporate account.
Karl H. Beyer, Jr., PhD, MD '43 and
a team of three other colleagues
at Merck Sharp & Dohme Research
Laboratories, West Point, Pa., were pre-
sented with the $10,000 Albert Lasker
Special Award for 1975 in November.
They were honored for their
"pioneering leadership in creating
a new spectrum in medications-the
thiazide diuretics and, specifically,
chlorothiazide-for the control of high
blood pressure and of edema associated
with cardiac failure." Such com-
pounds are now universally accepted
as a primary treatment for these
conditions, from which 23,000,000
Americans suffer. Dr. Beyer, who won
WAA's Distinguished Service Award
in 1968, was specifically cited by the
Lasker Foundation for having
"hypothesized an ideal diuretic for
hypertension" in his work with the
research team. Most of the work was
done in the early Fifties. Dr. Beyer
retired two years ago as senior
vice president in charge of research.
Fred W. Negus '48, a vice-president of
Hoerner Waldorf container corporation,
has been named head of that division.
He was an All Big Ten center in
football here in 1942 and 1946,
and later played with the Chicago
Rockets and Bears. Fred has been with
Hoerner Waldorf, in its
Milwaukee branch, since 1970.
Jack Bennett '49, a professor of biology
at Northern Illinois University,
DeKalb, has been elected an honorary
life member of the Association of
Midwest College Biology Teachers.
Dr. Bennett's principal research
interest is in the genetics of
Drosophila behavior.
John F. Harrigan '49, Los Angeles, has
resigned as vice-chairman of the board of
United California Bank to become
president and chairman of Western
Bancorporation, an affiliation of seven-
teen West Coast banks.
Donald E. Bowman '52, Baltimore, presi-
dent of T. Rowe Price Associates,
becomes its board chairman this
month. He's a national authority in the
pension area, and is a member of
the Labor Department's Advisory
Council on Employe Welfare and
Pension Benefit Plans.
Robert D. Espeseth '52, Champaign,
Illinois, an assistant professor in leisure
studies at the University of Illinois, has
begun a three-year term on the
board of the National Society
for Park Resources.
The president of Transeair Travel
agency in Washington, D. C., Benita
Alk Lubic '58, has been designated a
Certified Travel Counselor by the
650-member Institute of Certified
Travel Agents.
John A. Borden '59 has been appointed
general manager of European
operations for the J. I. Case Company. He
will be headquartered in Amsterdam.
William R. RummIer '62 is in his
second year as president of Centron
Computer Corporation, Minneapolis, a
"third party" agent in the computer
leasing and sales field.
Edward Rogan II, '65, Libertyville,
Illinois, is the new Grand Delta
of Chi Phi national fraternity.
Michael A. Feiner '68, Cleveland, has
been made vice-president of U.S. Realty
Investments, Inc., and was appointed
recently to the council for commercial
and office development of the
Washington D.C.-based Urban
Land Institute.
Robert B. Feinberg '70 is an assistant
professor of mathematics at
Clarkson College of Technology,
Potsdam, N.Y.
Gretchen L. Lagana '71 succeeds the
retired Felix Pollak as curator of our
campus libraries 65,000-volume Rare Book
Department. She's been an assistant to
the director of libraries since 1972.
Virginia D. Naylor '71 is working on her
Ph.D. in plant pathology at Cornell
University after earning her MS last
August at North Carolina State.
Barbara J. Guenther '74 is the new com-
position advisor at Lake Forrest
(Ill.) College. .
Negus '48           Guenther '74

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