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Murphy, Thomas H. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 77, Number 1 (Nov. 1975)

Mucks, Arlie M., Jr.
On Wisconsin,   p. 3

Page 3

  Involvement of alumni is an ingredi-
ent of success for any university.
There is a saying that a university
is no greater than its alumni want
it to be. That's true, and that's why
your involvement continues to play
such a powerful role. And it is heart-
ening that such great numbers
of you are becoming involved in
your University through the activi-
ties of Wisconsin Alumni Association.
  This fall is one of our most
challenging here on the campus.
It's exciting, as always, and fun,
but . . . challenging, due to an enrol-
ment figure this year that went
beyond all expectations. (See
page 19.) That constant spiral in
enrolment points out the importance
of the University in the lives of many
young people, and the continuing
need for alumni involvement
in providing the necessary faculty and
educational facilities to prepare all
these students for their life work.
  Many of our students come here
aided by the matching-scholarship pro-
gram through our local Alumni
Clubs. Since its inception in 1967,
more than $300,000 has been raised
by these clubs to help the out-
standing young people of their
communities. We must salute these
clubs and the UW Foundation which
matches their funds, dollar for
dollar-together they have made
education possible for hundreds!
(Incidentally, many of tIhese clubs
utilize the wonderful Wisconsin Singers
in concert, to raise funds. We talked
about the Singers on this page
in our last issue. They are better
this year than they have been
in their seven years with us-
and that's going some!)
   Take a look at the huge, enthusiastic
crowds who have been attending
Badger football games this year,
whether at home or away. Here is
another important involvement process.
The Badger Huddles before the
out-of-town games, and our open
houses before home games have been
attended in record numbers, many of
whom inquire as to how they may
become more involved in a program
that is dedicated to their University.
  In October, 600 women involved
themselves with our Women's Day
With the Arts. We have the highest
attendance of any school in the
nation at this twice-yearly program,
and it takes a great deal of involve-
ment by committees who work
for months in advance to plan
each program, not to mention the
hundreds who come from all
over the Midwest to be here for
the program.
  If nine alumni had not become
involved in founding the Wisconsin
Alumni Research Foundation fifty
years ago, many important research
discoveries would not have reached
every corner of the world. The
story of WARF is a unique one
in the annals of alumni involvement
(We'll have a feature on it in our
January issue), and we salute
the continuing efforts of this great
organization which has contributed
more than $90 million to the Univer-
sity, and which will continue to
serve it for a long time to come.
  Last year the UW Foundation
achieved a lofty goal and set an all-
time record for involvement in
giving by alumni. So, all in all,
the three alumni arms-your
Association, WARF, and the Founda-
tion-are indicative of the best
in alumni involvement. And
we need to continue it. The education
scene changes constantly, and public
funds for education seem to be
reduced constantly these days.
There is no doubt that this Univer-
sity, like others throughout the
country, faces some rather lean years
ahead. It will be our duty to preserve
the quality of education that has
made Wisconsin so famous.
That will take involvement. That
is what built our University, that is
what will guarantee its future.
Arlie M. Mucks, Jr.
Executive Director

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