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Murphy, Thomas H. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Vol. 71, Number 8 (June 1970)

Deaths,   pp. 29-30

Page 29

 Alan L. Coleman won his pilot's wings
 upon graduation at Laredo air base in
Texas. Coleman is a second lieutenant.
James C. Lashua was commissioned
a second lieutenant in the Air Force,
Sardino '69
Lashua '69
and is assigned to Craig air base for
pilot training.
  Wayne A. Hammerstrom has com-
pleted basic training at Lackland air
base in Texas and is assigned to Chanute
AFB in Illinois for weather service
John H. Harris has graduated from
the Air Force personnel specialist course
and is now on duty at Bolling AFB,
Washington, D. C.
James W. Lins was commissioned a
second lieutenant upon graduation from
OCS at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma.
Robert E. Ogie and John J. Sardino
have completed basic training in the
Air Force. Ogie is assigned to Sheppard
base for training in accounting and fi-
nance, while Sardino is assigned to Kees-
ler for training in communications.
James F. Whiting has received his
pilot's wings and will report for duty
at Langley AFB in Virginia.
Wayne H. Raffke has been commis-
sioned a second lieutenant in the Air
Force and is assigned to Williams AFB,
Arizona, for pilot training.
Barry J. Goodno has received a one-
year graduate fellowship  to  Stanford
university towards a master's degree in
civil engineering.
 Joseph H. Foregger, William Lehf-
 mann, James Reynolds, and Thomas H.
 Winter have all joined Dow Chemical
 Company. Foregger isq in thp n rmltltral
We erred last month in report-
ing that E. B. Fred's book,
A University Remembers, had
been sent to all alumni. Of
necessity the book received
limited distribution. We are
sorry if our mistake incon-
venienced anyone.-T.H.M.
chemicals production department, Lehf-
mann in the Midland division pilot
plants, Reynolds in the chemical fngi-
neering laboratory, and Winter in the
hydrocarbons and monomers research
Raffke '69
Whiting '69
Newly Married
  Diane GISWOLD and George Henry
Cousins, Houston
  Dr. Charlotte Ann BURNS and Dr.
James A. Bums, Madison
  Carolyn Ann Yohe and Robert C.
MARKWARDT, Milwaukee
  Marvel E. STARK and James B.
Cowen, Madison
  Betty Lue UNGER and Charles S.
Watson, Mequon
  Anita GLASENAPP and John D.
Weier, Madison
  Karen Jeannette Gybers and Lt. Kevin
F. GOULD, Canoga Park, Cal.
  Dianne Bystol and Thomas Edward
HEISZ, Madison
  Carol Margaret SCHUCHARDT and
Mark A. KUCKER, Delafield
  Christine Lenore HAYDEN and Ed-
ward P. Busch, El Segundo, Cal.
  Kimberly Ann McBurnett and Stephen
C. OAKEY, Abilene, Texas
  Dorothea Susan Lobacz and Thomas
A. SHAFFER, Kenosha
  Jane Ann WEISE and Jack D. Tank-
ersley, Portola Valley, Cal.
  Paula A. Charles and James H. BEN-
SON III, Crystal Lake, Wis.
  Alice Joy GALVIN and John BOSS-
HARD III, Denver, Colo.
  Rosalie Ann BUECHNER and Mi-
chael W. Boucher, Madison
  Kristine Louise FLOOR and Richard
Robert DAVIDSON, Rockford
  Sue KESSLER and Stuart P. Feld,
New York City
  Vicki Lynn SOMMERS and William
Allen Rath, West Berlin, Germany
  Sharon Elaine Pache and Sylvan L.
JOHNSON, Poynette
  Terrel Kim LEFCO and Dennis Etler,
  Ethel Heifetz and Larry Charles SIL-
VER, Madison
Mrs. H. Foster Bain (Mary WRIGHT)
  '02, Steamboat, Nev.
Mrs. Donald Evans (Edna L. HOOLEY)
  '02, Des Moines
Mrs. Earl Emmet Hunner (Emily B.
  CLARK) '02, Duluth
Frank Conway MARVIN '03, Zumbrota,
Joseph Howard MATHEWS '03, Mad-
  William T. EVJUE '06, editor and
publisher of the Madison Capital Times,
died on April 23 after a brief illness.
His death ended a newspaper career that
spanned almost 60 years. The 87-year-old
journalist founded Madison's second
newspaper in December 1917. Known to
many as "the fighting editor," Evjue was
a friend of numerous political greats and
a benefactor to underprivileged children.
He was a member of the Norwegian
Royal Order of St. Olav. In 1961, Sigma
Delta Chi presented him with its highest
award for service in journalism, and in
1968 the UW's School of Journalism
honored him for achievement in the
field. He was married to the late Zillah
Bagley, and is survived by two sisters.
Ethel Margaret CHRISTOFFERS '07,
Jerome Henry COE '07, Madison
Robert M. NIVEN '07, Pontiac, Ill.
Alexander Theodore UEHLING '07,
Mrs. Arch Louis Wellman (Mabel BREI-
  TENBACH) '07, Madison
Mrs. John Nelson Cadby (Verna Clare
  GLANVILLE) '09, Redlands, Calif.
Myrtle Edith JONES '10, Madison
Mrs. Claire Rogers Acly (Rhea Belle
  MELOCHE) '11, Madison
Henry Clinton LEISTER '12, Milwaukee
Percy Cosson BRINTNALL '13, Omaha
Frank Henry MADISON '13, Maple-
  wood, N. J.
Ralph Edmund MOODY '13, Belleair
  Beach, Fla.
Glenn Fish VIVIAN '13, Roscommon,
Alfred Laurence GODFREY '14, Elk-
June, 1970

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