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Hove, Arthur (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 66, Number 8 (May 1965)

About the University,   pp. [5]-7

Page [5]

      Hays, Hoffman, Zillman, and Grover during their final television appearance.
Badgers Win GE College Bowl Championship
W    HILE BADGER spring sports
     teams were warming up for
their schedule of events, another
Badger team was in the thick of
a national competition.
  This particular Wisconsin team
was not especially noted for its feats
of physical skill, unless you consider
the speed of their reflexes as they
pushed a button that sounded a
buzzer. They were, however,
marked by the computer-like agility
they demonstrated as they sorted
through their memories and came
up with the correct answers to com-
plex questions.
  This was the victorious Wisconsin
G-E College Bowl team that re-
tired with a championship after five
straight wins on the nationally tele-
vised program.
  The brilliant Badger students,
who brought a total of $10,500 in
scholarships to the University, in-
cluding a $1,500 grant from Gim-
bels-Schusters department stores,
were: Richard Hays, Boise, Ida.;
Richard Hoffman, Sheboygan, team
captain; Donald Zillman, Madison;
and Stuart Grover, Newark, N. J.
Peter Hoff, Madison, was the alter-
nate member of the team and Prof.
Jerry McNeely, speech, served as
  On successive Sundays in March
and April, the Badgers mowed
down opposition from Utah State,
Susquehanna University, Wilson
College, Clarkson College of Tech-
nology, and Bethany College.
  The Badgers trained long and
hard for their victories. At the be-
ginning of the semester an all-
campus College B owl competition,
sponsored by the Union Forum
Committee, was held with several
living units and organizations enter-
ing the contest. Later, the squad of
"Varsity Scholars" was selected and
each week, before flying off to New
York, the team engaged in rigorous
practice sessions under the supervi-
sion of Prof. McNeely. The dedica-
tion paid off as Wisconsin convinc-
ingly defeated all of its opponents.
  With its string of five victories,
Wisconsin joins Lawrence Univer-
sity, Appleton, as the second school
in the state to win a championship
this season.
Alumni Association Awards Scholarships
S CHOLARSHIPS and awards to-
   taling $800 were awarded last
month to eight (Madison campus)
students by the Wisconsin Alumni
Association. The students were rec-
ognized for their achievements in
scholarship and extra-curricular ac-
tivities, and for the degree of self-
support they have contributed to-
wards their educational expenses.
Top alumni scholarship winners include, front row: Jane Shapiro, Joan Wilkie,
Mary Chrouser,
and Judith Fifrick; back row: W. David Knox, Thomas Tinkham, and Edward Weidenfeld.
Fronek was not present for the picture.

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