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Hove, Arthur (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 66, Number 1 (Oct. 1964)

Letters,   p. [2]

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      a handsome collection, made by us of
    exclusively woven Scottish twist yarns
  This is an interesting concept in men's clothing...
  rich, ruggedly good-looking materials with a soft
  hand and lighter, subtle colorings for Fall. You will
  find them equally at home in the city or for casual
  country wear, and they tailor superbly. Medium
  grey, brown or a soft an unusual,
  subdued herringbone design. Coat, vest and trou-
  sers, in a full range of sizes.                   $150
          Exclusively made... exclusively sold...
                   to keep them exclusive.
            Price slightly higher west of the Rockies
                       ESTABLISHED 1818
       Ien'S      oslurnishings, "ats 4boes
"A Teacher Effects Eternity"
   Thank you for your comments in the
 July 1964 Wisconsin Alumnus!
   I came into teaching after twenty years
 in the profession, because I wanted to
 encourage students to find their place in
 public welfare. I entered by the accepted
 route: advanced academic work, a Ph..D
 with dissertation accepted for publication
 at once. However, now placing students
 and their educational experience first, and
 personal ambition to write and publish
 second, seems to place one in a strange
 position. Yet I have the personal satisfac-
 tion of knowing that I have "inspired stu-
 dents, encouraged them to discover that
 the process of learning is a lifetime pre-
   I hope that the University of Wisconsin
will do as you suggest-judge each faculty
member on his ability to perform effec-
tively in a given area.
                 Ruth M. Werner '34
                 Cleveland, Ohio
  I just finished reading the Wisconsin
Alumnus for July and was pleased to note
that of the nine houses for women in Witte
Hall, two of them are being named for
"Margery J. MacLachlan, director of the
School of Nursing and associate dean of
the Medical School and Annie Pitman,
professor of the classics and one of the
earliest faculty members of the Extension
  I was pleased to see the tribute given, in
particular to Miss MacLachlan, one of our
leaders in nursing in Wisconsin; and was
equally pleased for Annie Pitman who
was one of the first to inspire me to further
my education. My first contact with Miss
Pitman  was through   a correspondence
course in English. I met Miss Pitman per-
sonally in her home on Henry Street dur-
ing those rough depression years. She
depicted to me all that is fine in woman-
hood. Henry Adams sums my feelings so
well when he said, "A   teacher effects
eternity, he can never tell where his in-
fluence ends."
           Irene L. Stenseth, R. N. '40
On the Presidents
  I read Fred Leiser's articles in the May
and June alumni magazines and enjoyed
them very much. Not only did I find them
interesting, but I learned a great deal
about the University and its presidents,
especially the early history. You have done
a great service to the University and the
alumni for I am sure there are many who
were as ignorant as I was.
                 Florence W. Ela '02

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