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Hove, Arthur (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 65, Number 10 (July 1964)

Reunions by classes,   pp. 19-22

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Reunions by Classes
T HE CLASS of 1904 held its 60th
    Class Reunion and re-lived that
eventful day 60 years ago when the
University celebrated its 50th birth-
day-its Golden Jubilee.
  When the roll was called at the
luncheon at the Loraine Hotel on
June 6th, these sturdy classmates
were present: Leslie and Mrs. Van
Hagen, Madison; Ray and Theo
Owen, Madison; Ben Paust and
niece, Minneapolis; Dr. G. J. Mar-
quette, St. Helena, California; Os-
mond Jorstadt and daughter, Pitts-
burgh; Bill Bennett, Washington,
D.C.; John and Marion Lord, Hins-
dale, Illinois.
  Before luncheon, letters from class-
mates unable to attend were read
with interest. Here are some-J. C.
James, Aurora, Illinois; Magdalen
Evans Juday, Arlington, Virginia; E.
J. McEachron, Wausau, Wis.; Ray
Nichols, Orange, California; George
Post, Milwaukee, Frank B. Sargent,
Sanford, Maine; John G. Staack,
Washington, D.C.; Pearl Tompkins
Weeks, Aberdeen, Washington;
Horatio G. Winslow, Altadena, Cali-
fornia; Paul F. Zinke, La Jolla, Cali-
fornia. All were highly interesting
July, 1964
and showed that the- spirit was
strong, even though the flesh was
weak in some cases.
  After lunch, all gave a brief de-
scription of their activities since our
last reunion. Then we were honored
when President and Mrs. Fred Har-
rington dropped in and he honored
the class with a thrilling story about
the growth of the University, the
plans for the coming years, and the
great changes that have taken place
and will take place on the enlarged
  That evening most of the class in
Madison attended the annual alumni
dinner in the Union.
                   -John Lord
 More, more, blood and gore,
 Vars'ty, vars'ty one and four!
 A TITS Golden Jubilee reunion,
   June 5th to 7th, the Class of 1914
lived up to the first part of its yell;
more members of 1914 than of any
previous class attended the fiftieth
reunion, and more money than ever
before was presented to the Uni-
versity on the occasion of its induc-
tion into the Half Century Club.
Fortunately, however, there is no
record of blood and gore, although
the characteristic independence and
vital enthusiasm of the class were
evident at all times. During the re-
union weekend, and in retrospect as
well, these days were enjoyable be-
cause of the opportunity they af-
forded for renewing old friendships
and becoming aware of the growing
functions and status of the Univer-
sity of Wisconsin.
  The fine weather doubtless was a
factor favoring the last-minute in-
flux of reunion-bound classmates.
The total attendance was 182, the
majority being bonafide graduates
of our class, the minority being
spouses or relatives (and one well
mannered, though uncounted, dog!).
People came from far and near, five
couples from California, two couples
from New York, three from Minne-
sota, two from Iowa, and one from
Washington, D.C. Twelve individ-
ual members came from Illinois, and
one or more from each of the fol-
lowing states-Pennsylvania, Flor-
ida, Arkansas, Ohio, Washington,
Idaho, Maryland, Indiana, Louisi-
ana, Kansas, Colorado, Georgia, and
  Our goal for the class gift was
$25,000 because that sum would en-

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