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Hove, Arthur (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 64, Number 8 (May 1963)

Alumni news,   p. 26

Page 26

Alumni News
Up to 1900
  A new million dollar high school open-
ing next September near Beloit will be
named for Frederick Jackson TURNER
'84, distinguished historian who taught at
the University from 1892 until 1910.
  Miss Jennie T. SCHRAGE        '06 has
moved from    Madison to Fairhaven, a
newly completed residence of apartments
for elderly people, at 435 Starin Road,
Whitewater, Wis.
  Miss Maude SWETT '10 was honored
with a citation at the 50th anniversary
celebration of the United States depart-
ment of labor regional office in Chicago.
Miss Swett is retired chief of the woman
and child labor department, Wisconsin
Industrial Commission, and began work
with the commission at the time of its
founding in 1911. Director of her depart-
ment for 36 years before retiring in 1956,
Miss Swett is known nationally as a leader
in her field.
  Mr. and Mrs. Homer TALBOT '10 cel-
ebrated their 50th wedding anniversary
recently in Denver, Colo. Mr. Talbot is
president of the Montclair Improvement
  Dr. Homer CARTER '13, who has been
practicing medicine for 46 years, and is a
specialist in obstetrics and pediatrics in
Madison, was the subject of a recent
"Know Your Madisonian" feature in the
Wisconsin State Journal. His contributions
to the Madison medical scene have in-
cluded organizing the first local "Hospital
Clinic Day," in which staff members of
the four hospitals demonstrated medical
and surgical procedures. He was also the
first secretary of St. Mary's Hospital staff,
chief of the Madison General Hospital
medical and surgical staff, and president of
the Madison Coordinating Health Council.
  Clarence F. WHIFFEN '15 retired last
month as judge of Branch 2 of the County
Court at Sheboygan, a post to which he
was elected for a 51/2 year term in 1962.
He will return to private law practice in
Sheboygan, after he and Mrs. Whiffen
return from a month in Florida.
  Dr. Meredith F. CAMPBELL '16 of
Miami, Fla., and formerly of New York,
was honored in March by the New York
Academy of Medicine when he was pre-
sented with the Ferdinand C. Valentine
Medal and Award for his distinguished
contributions to urology. He is emeritus
professor of urology at New York Univer-
sity, consulting urologist to Bellevue Hospi-
tal in the city of New York, St. Francis
Hospital in Miami Beach, and Variety
Children's Hospital in Miami. He is also
lecturer in urology at the University of
Miami School of Medicine and is the
author of several books in the field.
   L. L. SMITH '16 retired last month as
executive vice president of the Kohler
Company, Sheboygan. He has been a
member of the company organization for
45 years, starting as advertising manager
in 1918. He has been a member of the
board of directors since 1943 and a vice
president from 1947 to 1958, when he
became executive vice president.
   The second edition of Atlas of Human
Anatomy by Dr. Barry J. ANSON '17 was
published in March. The new edition, of
632 pages, contains more than 100 new
pages of illustrations. Dr. Anson, formerly
Robert Laughlin Rea Professor of Anatomy
and departmental chairman at Northwest-
ern University, is now research professor,
Department of Otolaryngology and Maxil-
lofacial Surgery, College of Medicine,
State University of Iowa.
   "Just try to Keep Her From Badger
Alumni Dinner," read the headline of a
feature story in the Indianapolis News
about Kate D. HUBER '17, member of
the national board of directors of the
Alumni Association. Miss Huber, social
worker with the Indianapolis public
schools for 40 years before her recent
retirement, was co-founder of the Indian-
apolis Alumni Club.
   Paul S. TAYLOR '17, retired Univer-
sity of California professor at Berkeley, is
teaching in the College of Agriculture,
Department of Soil Science, at Alexandria
in the United Arab Republic.
   A new Stout State College Women's
dormitory will be named for Miss Mary
M. McCALMONT '21, professor emeri-
tus of chemistry at the college. Miss Mc-
Calmont was a Stout State faculty mem-
ber from 1912 to 1952, and taught chem-
istry in the college of home economics
and was chairman of the chemistry de-
   J. Vincent CONLIN '23, is manager of
the new sales and service office which
Pitney-Bowes has established in Madison.
Conlin has been the company's sales rep-
resentative in Madison since joining the
company in 1947.
   Porter BUTTS    '24, director of the
Memorial Union, has been re-elected to
the executive committee of the Associa-
tion of College Unions and to the editor-
ship of association publications. The as-
sociation, of which Butts is a past presi-
dent, represents 530 colleges and univer-
sities in the United States and other coun-
tries, and is one of the oldest intercolleg-
iate organizations.
  Miss Bernice SCOTT '24, is state di-
vision membership chairman of the Ameri-
can Association of University Women. She
is director of guidance at North High
School, Sheboygan.
  Arthur Towell, Inc., Madison advertis-
ing agency headed by Arthur TOWELL
'23, celebrated its 40th anniversary on St.
Patrick's Day. The agency specializes in
national and regional advertising.
  Dean Kurt F. WENDT '27, of the Uni-
versity College of Engineering, is the
newly elected president of the American
Society for Engineering Education. He
has previously served the organization as
a vice-president, as chairman of the En-
gineering College Research Council, as
vice-chairman of the society's north Mid-
west section, and as a member of the gen-
eral council. Besides the 10,800 individual
members, nearly 500 schools and com-
panies belong to the society.
  Gertrude JACOBS '27, is president of
the School Film Service, New York City,
which supplies training aids to teachers
of physical education.
  Mrs. Gordon L. Ridgeway (Beatrice
SCHROEDER '28) has been honored by
the San Mateo, Calif., branch of the
AAUW. An international study grant has
been given in her name for her many years
of service to local, state, and national
AAUW activities. The Beatrice S. Ridge-
way grant will assist a foreign woman
scholar obtain a Ph.D. at some university
in this country.
  Dr. Kenneth E. LEMMER, '28, coordi-
nator with the University Medical School,
Kenneth R. Metzler '37 is now plant and pro-
duction manager of Strasenburgh Laboratories,
division of Wallace and Tiernan, Inc., Roches-
ter, N. Y. Metzler has been in the pharmaceu-
tical industry for more than 25 years, as
assistant to the vice president of pharmaceu-
ticals with Johnson and Johnson International,
and as foreign production specialist with
Abbott Laboratories. The Metzlers moved from
Westfield, N. J. to Rochester last month.
                  Wisconsin Alumnus

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