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Hove, Arthur (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 64, Number 8 (May 1963)

Kindergarten on television,   p. 21

Page 21

  ing-" If current trends continue,
teaching of the future will most cer-
tainly be a joint venture between
the classroom and the television
  Ruth Wenger Mork speaking-
standing in the midst of this trend,
and sampling television from both
  Mrs. Mork is a Kindergarten
teacher at Shorewood Hills School
in Madison, and is also the studio
teacher for the newest Wisconsin
School of the Air-Television series-
"Kindergarten," broadcast on WHA-
TV, Channel 21 in Madison on
Wednesdays at 1:15 P.M. and Thurs-
day mornings at 9:30 A.M.
  Totally inexperienced in a teach-
ing role that would thrust her before
television cameras, as well as the
utilization of the television media,
Mrs. Mork has had the problem of
preparation for television brought
right to her classroom door. Speaking
from her own present experience,
she advises young teaching aspirants
to get involved in some phase of
television as part of their education.
Certainly not all future teachers will
face television cameras, but all will
most certainly use some phase of the
media. The media will work only in
proportion to the cooperative atti-
tude between classroom and studio
teacher. With this in mind, Mrs.
Ml/orK urges ruture reacners to gain
some background in the utilization
of the television media in their class-
rooms, as well as obtain some con-
cept of the problems involved in on-
camera presentation.
  Television teaching of the future,
according to Mrs. Mork, will most
certainly be an "in-service" situation.
It will offer more than just an en-
richment value, and the trend will
be to a general, liberal education,
bringing to the classroom subjects,
data, material and personalities that
could be offered in no other way.
  Ruth Mork is a Wisconsinite in
every sense of the word. Born in
Monroe, Wisconsin, she graduated
from Monroe High School. She at-
tended Milwaukee Downer College
for Women and received her B.S.
Degree from the University of Wis-
consin in 1950. In 1952, she mar-
ried Alden L. Mork of Tomah, where
she taught Kindergarten for eight
years. Upon the death of Mr. Mork,
she returned to Madison, where she
became a primary teaching team
member at Washington School in
1960. Then, as an instructor in the
University of Wisconsin School of
Education, Mrs. Mork was super-
visor of student teaching, Kinder-
garten level, in 1961. In 1962, she
received her M.S. Degree from the
University, and since 1961, she has
been a Kindergarten teacher -at
Shorewood Hills School in Madison.
Her son, Jon Eric Mork, attends
fourth grade at the Shorewood Hills
  During the 1963 spring semester
for the Wisconsin School of the Air-
Television, Ruth Mork became the
television "Kindergarten" teacher for
hundreds of Madison-area children.
The series is described as adding
"something special" to the day-by-
day activities of the Kindergarten
classroom. The lively programs deal
imaginatively with broad areas of
general education. In each program
Mrs. Mork brings to Kindergarten
classrooms materials and information
which the average school teacher
could not possibly have access to,
nor spend the time in developing.
The classroom teacher cooperates
with Mrs. Mork by selecting the
particular aspects of the television
program which are best suited to
her class, and expanding on them.
The broad informational areas pre-
sented during the broadcast often
serve as a foundation for latent re-
call of information. Ruth Mork does
not expect her young viewers to have
total recall of all information pre-
sented during a program. Rather,
that information may be recalled in
the learning process months, or years
later. Yet the foundation has been
established at the Kindergarten
  The series was planned under the
supervision of David C. Davis, as-
sociate professor of the School of
Education at the University of Wis-
consin. Original music and lyrics are
by  Professor Donald    J. Voegeli,
music director for the Wisconsin
State Broadcasting Service. The
Teacher's Manual, which accompan-
ies the program, was prepared by
Mrs. Madeline Davis, of the Wiscon-
sin  School of the Air-Television
script department.
May, 1963
Kindergarten on Television

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