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Hove, Arthur (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 64, Number 8 (May 1963)

The trend is up!,   pp. 17-18

Page 17

Lapham Hall (left) and the Fine Arts Build-
ing (right) are indicative of the building
program which is adding resources to the
Kenwood Campus.
with new buildings, a growing faculty, in-
creased enrollments, the University feels
that, in Milwaukee, there are definite
signs that
   at the University of Wisconsin-
Milwaukee is carried on at both the
Downtown Campus and the Ken-
wood Campus. The Downtown
Campus was once the home of the
Milwaukee Extension Division, and
remains, for the time being, the cen-
ter of such daytime academic pro-
grams as commerce and engineering.
In the evening, it is the focal point
for adult education programs.
  The Kenwood Campus, near the
lakeshore on the north side of Mil-
waukee, is the former site of Wis-
consin State College, Milwaukee,
and serves as the administrative hub
of the UW-M. Since it began holding
classes in 1956, the UW-M has ex-
perienced a steady period of expan-
sion which has brought about many
significant changes on the Kenwood
  At first, it was possible to utilize
existing buildings, but as enrollment
pressures became irresistible, addi-
tional space was acquired. One of
the initial steps taken to provide
more space for the growing enroll-
ment was the purchase of the
Downer Seminary property, imme-
diately north of the Main Building.
Acquired at a cost of $1,500,000, the
property provided both Garland and
Pearse halls which were remodeled
to accommodate additional class-
rooms and offices and relieve some
of the pressure from the Main Build-
  In 1961, at the time Garland and
major building constructed on the
Kenwood campus since the forma-
tion of the UW-M was made avail-
able. The building was Lapham
Hall, a $2.6-million science building.
Just this past fall, the new Fine Arts
Building, a $1.6-million structure
was opened to students and faculty.
  Meanwhile, an ambitious remodel-
ing and enlarging of the UW-M
Union is being carried out. The new
building will serve as a much-
needed dining and recreational facil-
ity for students as well as a Com-
munity Center for Milwaukee cul-
tural events. Students, Milwaukee
citizens, and industry have all con-
tributed to provide furnishings for
the new building.
  The next building scheduled for
the Kenwood Campus is a $3.1-mil-
lion general c las s room building
May, 1963

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