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Hove, Arthur (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 61, Number 9 (Jan. 1960)

Nuzum, Ralph E.
On mad Russians and dumb Yankees,   pp. 24-27

Page 24

                  here are excerpts from the chronicle of a
recent Russian tour written by a Wisconsin alumnus
       On Mad Russians
 and Dumb Yankees
by Ralph E. Nuzum
  Ralph E. Nuzum, president of the
Vernon County Alumni Club, is a lum-
ber dealer in Viroqua, Wisconsin and a
1916 graduate of the University. While
in school, he majored in journalism and,
under the name of "The Montana
Misogynist", contributed to the Sky-
rocket Column appearing in the Auk,
the Wisconsin Literary Magazine of the
  After recently returning from a Rus-
sian tour, Ralph Nuzum wrote and pub-
lished a volume of his experiences dur-
ing the trip and entitled it Dumb
Yankees and the Mad Russians. In com-
menting on his reasons for producing
such a volume, he says "I guess I just do
it for my own amazement."
  The following is taken from that vol-
ume and is presented in the hopes that
it may provide our readers with a fresh
view point on the enigmatic subject of
Russia and its challenge.
  On our recent Russian tour, our In-
tourist guides all gave us the very best
line of Red propaganda, which was
about as fishy, it seemed to us, as a can
of caviar. We were sure that even a
child could detect it.
  None of us fell for it, of course, but
we do feel that our western world
would do well to avoid becoming so ab-
sorbed with their squirrelly antics that
we stupidly allow our own free govern-
ment to be undermined.
  We have lately been promoting the
church in every way possible as a bul-
wark against atheistic-communism, but
we must never break down our complete
separation of the church from the state,
which was so wisely planned by our
founding fathers. This would certainly
end our vaunted democracy, and head
us into political oblivion.
   Of this we are sure. The Russians are
not at all afraid of our thundering
theological curses, or daily prayers for
their dissolution. Neither are they im-
pressed by pious people who act like
saints in order to win power, and then
behave like the devil when they have
gained that power.
   We hold no brief for the Mad Rus-
 sians, but as long as we in our smug
 western world live high in a haze of
 happiness, forever dreaming we are
 celestially right as the centuries roll on,
 there is only one name for us-Dumb
 Wisconsin Alumnus, January, 1960

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