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Hove, Arthur (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 61, Number 8 (Dec. 1959)

Reveal plan for lower campus development,   p. 30

Page 30

Reveal Plan for Lower Campus Development
A SWEEPING plan for the lower
    campus area has been revealed by
,the University of Wisconsin Department
of University Planning and Construc-
tion. The plan, designed to be put into
effect over the next twenty years, would
considerably alter the appearance of the
area from Lake Mendota to University
Avenue and from Park Street to Lake
  The photograph above shows the
working model used to explain the lower
campus development. The dark area in
the foreground of the picture represents
Lake Mendota and all buildings are
oriented so that the viewer is looking
southward from the lake. By number,
the buildings are: (1) the Memorial
Union; (2) the State Historical Society
with proposed additions indicated on
the model; (3) an "L" shaped group of
classroom buildings and administrative
facilities; (4) an 11-story proposed ad-
ministration building; (5) future head-
quarters of the Extension Division; (6)
the Memorial Library with proposed
addition; (7) the Wisconsin Center
Building; (8) a new guest house to be
constructed on the site of the old Red
Gym; and (9) the new Alumni House
to be built on the site of the Sigma Chi
  The development of the plan was
under the supervision of Prof. Kurt
Wendt, dean of the College of Engi-
neering and chairman of the planning
group. The construction of the model
and detailed plan studies were com-
pleted by Prof. Leo Jakobson, institu-
tional planner for the Department of
University Planning and Construction,
and senior planner Thomas Dyckman.
   The large majority of the construc-
tion indicated in the model is still very
much in the talking stage, contingent on
further approval of the Board of Re-
gents, and the faculty. At present, funds
are not available for construction and
would have to be appropriated from the
State Legislature. The present forecast
for the cost of the project is in the
neighborhood of $20 million but this is
an arbitrary estimate as future building
costs are expected to change.
Wisconsin Alumnus, December, 1959

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