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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 61, Number 2 (Oct. 1959)

Newly married,   pp. 36-[37]

Page 36

newly married
  Patricia J. TEESDALE and James F.
McIntosh, Denver, Colo.
  Mrs. Edwin H. Koehler and Thomas W.
NORRIS, Jr., Milwaukee.
  Shirley A. Beaudoin and Duane A.
STROMBERG, Chicago, Ill.
  Rosemary A. KRESS and James R. Hickey,
Austin, Texas.
  Patricia E. KELLY and James A. Gogin,
  Marcia R. Durkin and Norman E.
  Mary C. Leuker and Prof. Robert B.
WERNECKE, Madison.
  Eleanor A. Chovanec and Dale B. BOW-
ERS, Rockford.
  Ann C. ANDERTON and Richard Col-
trell, Daly City, Calif.
  Gloria Golden and George C. SCHUETZE,
Jr., New York City.
  Irene J. Sroda and William J. FELLOWS,
  Beverly B. BESTEMAN '55 and James J.
SCHWABE, Milwaukee.
  Lillian E. Kirchmeier and Dean P. WEST-
MEYER, Chicago.
  Karen  SESSLER  '59 and  Leonard I.
STEIN, Madison.
  Jean HARTMAN and Warren Lamack,
Reading, Mass.
  Shirley R. Sikorski and John C. NO-
WICKI,, Milwaukee.
  Carice Y. CULBERTSON '59 and Lynne
J. KOCH, Oshkosh.
  Mrs. Patricia B. Friend and John W.
BOUGHTON, Milwaukee.
  Nancy J. Macdvor and Harley HINRICHS,
Kabul, Afghanistan.
  Lois OLSON    and  Frank Zurawski,
Berwyn, Ill.
  Ellen D. BUSSE '54 and Paul W. RABEN-
HORST, Sparta.
  Judith L. KLINGBIEL '60 and Carl W.
LAUMANN, Jr., San Jose, Calif.
  'Ethel D. FARRIS '54 and Robert C.
HEIISE, Madison.
  Mary S. KOLTES and Robert A. Schaen-
zer, Milwaukee.
  Alice L. TUTTLE and Harold 'E. Swim,
  'Mary L. WESTPHAL and Robert W.
DUCHOW '61, Madison.
  Sandra J. Berro and Neil 'G. CHRISTOF-
FERSON, Butle, Ala.
  Doris R. Simmons and William     C.
MICKLE, Glendale, Ariz.
  Julie A. SCHLUMBERGER '59 and Ray-
mond D. N-ASHOLD, Madison.
  'Mary F. Hamilton and Raphael S. BUHR,
Syracuse, N.Y.
  Jean Ann Wing and Arthur R. L. SEAR-
LES, Dubuque, Ia.
  Elizabeth J. Humphrey and Raymond A.
MILLER, Battle Creek, Mich.
  Rita A. Steckbauer and Robert H. MACKE,
Jr., Oshkosh.
  Ruth A. KLINGELHOFER '57 and Dr.
Martin A. MASSENGALE, Tucson, Ariz.
  Yolanda S. Freilich and David ROTH-
MAN, 'Sherman Oaks, Calif.
  Linda L. Sarchet and Wilson B. GREA-
TON, Jr., Stevens Point.
  Sharon J. Olson and Roger OWEN, Du-
  Eleonore H. Gebhart and Donald W.
GRASER, Kenosha.
  'JoAnn Pownall and Jerrald J. JELINEK,
Calumet City, Ill.
  Nancy C. BEREND '59 and James L.
FORBES, Madison.
  Donna J. MARTENS and Freeman W.
BORN, Jr., -San Francisco, Calif.
  Dorothea IVES '59 and John C. MUR-
PHY, Chicago, Ill.
  Sheila Alpert and Donald T. WECK-
STEIN, New Haven, Conn.
  Katherine M. Prunty and Dr. Joseph D.
STEIN, Atlanta, Ga.
  Elizabeth A. Starrett and David G.
CRAIG, Belmont.
LaVonne V. KORTH '58 and William E.
KIESSLING, Jr., Milwaukee.
  Geraldine J. VOSS and Richard H. Som-
merfield, Oshkosh.
  Mary HERB '56 and Sam M. AUSTIN,
  'Suzanne M. LeSage and Thomas L.
QUIMBY, Manawa.
  Kazuko Tsuno and Bonk H. KAY, Mil-
  Joan H. Trojan and Marvin STITGEN,
Chicago, Ill.
  'Phyllis A. RANSOM and Edward C. Sum-
mers, 'Janesville.
  'Marilyn Bangs and Kenyon E. GIESE,
  Barbara G. Buckley and Gerald R. HOLD-
RIDGE, Camden, N. J.
  Judy K. Larsen and Harold G. DE-
BRUINE, Madison.
  Leonette A. 'Hamel and Dr. Patrick J.
McCORMICK, Rochester Minn.
  'Mary Ann Entzminger and Ralph P. LIL-
LIE, Robinsdale, Minn.
  Nancy Ann DEAN '57 and Frederick J.
PLUCKHAN, Minneapolis, Minn.
  Ruth M. Rauch and John Q. KAMPS,
  Carla K. Cortsen and William A. CORDS,
  Terry SPECA and Francis K. Mitchell,
East Troy.
  Dr. Nola M. MOORE and James H.
DAHLEN '58, Madison.
  Mona KAUFMAN and Mark J. Stem,
Gary, Ind.
  Nancy J. LETLEBO and John B. Cox,
  Margaret A. MILLARD and William A.
ATKINS '58, Madison.
  Carol J. LEPINSKI '58 and John L.
BUELOW, Janesville.
  Judith A. KOPPLIN and John 0. Tjebben,
  Donna MURRAY       '59 and Karl H.
  Esther M. LERDAHL and Hagen R. HED-
FIELD '58, Dearborn, Mich.
  Ramona R. RECHNER '58 and Allen T.
TETZLAFF, Shorewood.
  Bernardine A. RICCIARDI and Albert
Marini, Kenosha.
  Joan E. Goodman and Dr. Asher L.
CORNFIELD, Milwaukee.
  Wisconsin Alumnus, October, 1959

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