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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 60, Number 13 (May 1959)

Is your name on the honor roll?,   p. 22

Page 22

S YOUR NAME on the Alumni
   House Honor Roll?
   Campaign Chairman Dr. John A.
Keenan wrote to every member of the
Wisconsin Alumni Association early in
May. His letter was a special appeal to
those who have not yet contributed to
the Alumni House Fund.
  Loyal Badgers from coast to coast, and
from countries beyond, comprise the
distinguished group of former students
who   are  building  our ALUMNI
HOUSE, a new home for Wisconsin
Alumni Spirit.
   Conversion work on the old Wash-
The Last Prom
  The girl on the cover of this month's
Wisconsin Alumnus is Rosemary Robert-
son of Menasha.
  Rosemary was queen of the 1959 Wis-
consin prom. And she may be the last
prom queen in the University's history,
if the first reaction of Prom Chairman
Jean Sorum is followed:
   "The Prom should not be held next
   Miss Sorum had just counted up a
deficit of $1,124 on the 1959 affair,
despite an austere budget and strict ac-
counting. Only 328 tickets were sold, at
five and six dollars per couple. In 1958
the prom had twice as many couples at-
burn Observatory will begin in July.
By the end of the year we should be
nearing the completion of rebuilding,
furnishing, and decorating our Alumni
headquarters on the shores of Lake
  At that time the Honor Roll will be
printed and installed in the Alumni
House. Future generations of Badgers
will honor the men and women who
contributed so generously to their Alma
Mater to build this monument of alumni
  In his letter, Dr. Keenan pointed out
that Alumni Day, June 6, was fast ap-
proaching. It is his intention to make a
complete report on the Alumni House
campaign progress at that time. He
urged all alumni, but especially mem-
bers of the Wisconsin Alumni Associa-
tion-who are traditionally the strong
core of University support-to be sure
your name is on the Alumni House
Honor Roll.
  If you have already made a contribu-
tion in the past, you might consider add-
ing to your gift at this time.
  All contributors will also receive a
copy of the Honor Roll by mail when
it's printed. Be sure your name is
(see cover)
tending-but still showed a $300 loss.
  What accounts for the lack of en-
thusiasm for school-wide activities?
  Porter Butts, Memorial Union direc-
tor, offered a few reasons for the slack
off in student interest in such activities,
particularly formal dances:
  Students are older. Average age of
undergraduates is 21.3 years and for
graduate students, 28 years.
  Twenty-three per cent of all students
are married and the dances are too ex-
pensive for them.
  There is increasing interest in cul-
tural activities and small participation
  More students seem to be going
steady and don't exchange dances as in
other days.
   The excitement and glamor of formal
affairs have worn off, since youngsters
today start dancing at an early age.
  Television has taken away the glamor
of big name bands.
  Higher student ownership of cars
opens up a wide variety of entertain-
  Many students seem to prefer spec-
tator activities to active participation.
  Compared with talking and drinking,
dancing has been declining in popu-
larity among college students.
     Wisconsin Alumnus, May, 1959

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