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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 60, Number 13 (May 1959)

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                 OFFICERS-1 958-59
  Chairman of the Board: Dr. John A. Keenan, '30, 200 E. 42nd,
New York 17, N. Y.
  President: Sam Ogle, '20, Schusters, Inc., 2153 N. 3d St., Mil-
waukee 1
  First Vice-President: Martin Below, '24, Jahn & Oilier Eng. Co.,
Suite 3015, Prudential Plaza, Chicago 1
  Second Vice-President: Don Anderson, '25, Wis. State Journal,
Madison 3
  Treasurer: Russell A. Teckemeyer, '18, Thomson & McKinnon,
PO Box 509, Madison 1
  Secretary: Maxine Plate, '35, Ambrosia Chocolate Co., 1109
N. 5th St., Milwaukee
  Executive Director: John Berge, '22, Memorial Union, Madison
                DIRECTORS AT LARGE
  Robert Angus, '43, 1221 Lillian St., Fort Atkinson; Dr. Nor-
man 0. Becker, '40, 104 S. Main St., Fond du Lac; Grafton H.
Berry, '34, 210 N. Stevens St., Rhinelander; Oscar C. Boldt, '48,
217 S. Badger Ave., Appleton; M. Frank Brobst, '22, 9425 Grinel,
Detroit, Mich.; Gordon Connor, '29, PO Box 810, Wausau; John
L. Davis, '43, 1228 Tower Ave., Superior; President Conrad A.
Elvehjem, '23, Bascom Hall, UW, Madison 6; John G. Jamieson,
'38, 119 Monona Ave., Madison 3; Mrs. Robert D. Johns, '41,
1514 King St., La Crosse; Walter H. Keyes, '46, 115 S. Ithaca,
Sturgeon Bay; Lloyd Larson, '27, The Milwaukee Sentinel, Mil-
waukee; Katherine McCaul, '25, Tomah; Charles 0. Newlin, '37,
Continental Ill. Natl. Bank & Trust Co., 231 S. La Salle, Chi-
cago; Raymond Patterson, '45, Pres., Wayland Academy, Beaver
Dam; James D. Peterson, '18, 135 S. La Salle St., Chicago;
George S. Robbins, '40, Chamber of Commerce, Marinette; Wil-
liam R. Sachse, '50, Robert W. Baird & Co., Security Natl. Bank
Bldg., Sheboygan; Mrs. John A. Schindler, '28, 532-22nd Ave.,
Monroe; Mrs. Silas Spengler, '19, 210 E. Prospect, Stoughton;
Dr. Robert Spitzer, '44, Murphy Products Co., Burlington; Freder-
ick N. Trowbridge, '23, 130 E. Walnut, Green Bay; John C.
Wickhem, '43, 19 E. Milwaukee St., Janesville; Prof. William B.
Sarles, '26, 112 Bacteriology Bldg., UW, Madison 6.
                  PAST PRESIDENTS
  Charles B. Rogers, '93, 95 N. Main St., Fort Atkinson; John
S. Lord, '04, 135 S. La Salle St., Chicago 3; Charles L. Byron,
'08, First Nati. Bank Bldg., Chicago 3; Earl 0. Vits, '14, 635
N.7th St., Manitowoc; Harry A. Bullis, '17, 2401 Meeting St.,
Wayzata, Minn.; Howard I. Potter, '16, Marsh & McLennan, 231
S. La Salle St., Chicago; Albert J. Goedjen, '07 350 Bryan St., R.
#6, Green Bay; C. F. Van Pelt, '18, Pres., Fred Rueping Leather
Co., Fond du Lac; Philip H. Falk, '21, Supt. of Schools, 351 W.
Wilson, Madison 3; William D. Hoard, Jr. '21, W. D. Hoard &
Sons Co., Fort Atkinson; Joseph A. Cutler, '09, Johnson Service
Co., 507 E. Michigan St., Milwaukee; Walter A. Frautschi, '24,
Democrat Printing Co., PO Box 1148, Madison 1; Stanley C. Allyn,
'13, Chairman of the Board, Natl. Cash Register Co., Dayton,
Ohio; John H. Sarles, '23, Knox Reeves Advt. Inc., 400 2nd Ave.
S., Minneapolis, Minn.; Thomas E. Brittingham, '21, Room 251,
Del. Trust Bldg., Wilmington, Del.; Willard   G. Aschen-
brenner, '21, American Bank & Trust Co., Racine; Warren P.
Knowles, '33, Doar & Knowles, New Richmond; R. T. John-
stone, '26, Marsh & McLennan, 1300 Natl. Bank Bldg., De-
troit, Mich.; Gordon R. Walker, '26, Walker Forge, Inc.,
2000 17th St., Racine; Lawrence J. Fitzpatrick, '38, J. J. Fitz-
patrick Lumber Co., 5001 University Ave., Madison 5; Dr. John A.
Keenan, '30, Pres., Standard Packaging Corp., 200 E. 42nd St.,
New York 17, N. Y.
  Class of 1956: Leslie M. Klevay, Jr., 106 N. Prospect, -Madi-
  son 5
  Class of 1957: James G. Urban, Olson House, Sullivan Hall,
  Madison 10
  Class of 1958: Don Hoffman, Gilman House, Kronshage, Madi-
  son 10
  Chicago Alumnae: Mrs. Marcus Hobart, '19, 621 Foster St.,
Evanston, Ill.; Chicago Alumni: Kenneth Bellile, '39, 221 N. La
Salle St., Room 555; Detroit: Irwin R. Zemon, '50, 220 W.
Congress St.; Eau Claire: C. David Bugher, '46, 646 Putnam
Drive; Fond du Lac: Nathan Manis, '38, Cohodas-Manis Co.;
Fox River Valley: F. A. Meythaler, 910 E. College Ave., Apple-
ton; Green County: Mrs. Fred T. Burgy, '33, RFD #2,
Monticello; Janesville: Richard C. Murphy  '49, 129 Corn Ex-
change; Kenosha: Mrs. Archibald Naysmiti, '29, 502 Sheridan
Road; La Crosse: Norman Schulze, 31, 206 Exchange Bldg.;
Madison: Laurie Carlson '43, 3800 Regent Street; Milwaukee:
Melvin S. Marshall, '26, 4385 N. Green Bay Ave.; Minneapolis:
Marshall Diebold, '25, Northrup King & Co., 1500 N. E. Jack-
son St.; New York: Tom   Tredwell, '23, Architectural Record,
119 W. 40th St.; Northern California: Delbert Schmidt, '38,
Employers Mutual of Wausau, 114 Sansome St., San Francisco;
Oshkosh: Clifford Bunks, '50, 1425 E. Nevada Ave.,; Racine: Keehn
Yeager '36, 1219 Douglas Ave., Sheboygan County: Larry S. Mac-
Donald, '50, P. 0. Box 11, Sheboygan; Southern California:
Emil Breitkreutz, '05, 1404 Wilson Ave., San Marino 9; Washing-
ton, D.C.: Thomas Engelhardt, '50, 4422 31st St. South, Arling-
ton, Va.; Waukesha: Vsnce Gavre, '39, 102 W. Roberts Ave.
       Official Publication
Wisconsin Alumni Association
Volume 60
MAY, 1959
Number 13
This pretty co-ed is Rosemary Robertson, a sophomore in
secondary education from Menasha. She was 1959 Prom
Queen. See story on page 22. (Photo by Duane Hopp)
  2     Reunion Roundup
11      Bob Zuppke's Alumni House Contribution
12      Harry Bullis Is Alumni Fund Chairman
13      Just Turned 100, She Recalls Campus of '70's
14      The College Teacher: 1959 . . . 'Some Questions
Muir Park: A Perfect Nature Laboratory
What Is Wisconsin?
Is Your Name on the Honor Roll?
The Last Prom Queen?
To Speak, To Hear
Dear Editor
Keeping In Touch With Wisconsin
Up and Down the Hill
Athletics: New Cage Coach Is Named
Wisconsin Alumni Club Bulletin Board
26      Alumni News by Classes
34      Newly Married Badgers
Badger Bookshelf
John Berge, '22 -------------------           Managing Editor
George Richard, '47     ------------------------Editor
Edward H. Gibson, '23 ---------------           Field Secretary
THE WISCONSIN     ALUMNUS, published once monthly in December,
January, February, March, April, May, June, July and September, and
three times monthly in October and November. (These extra issues are
Football Bulletins.) Second-class postage paid at Madison, Wis., under the
act of March 3, 1879. Subscription price (included in membership dues
of the Wisconsin Alumni Association) $2.50 a year; subscription to ndn-
members, $5.00 a year. Editorial and business offices at 770 Langdon St.,
Madison 10, Wis. If any subscriber wishes his magazine discontinued at the
expiration of his subscription, notice to that effect should be sent with
the subscription, or at its expiration. Otherwise it is understood that a
continuance is desired.
                           Wisconsin Alumnus, May, 1959

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