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Barton, Albert (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 5, Number 6 (March 1904)

Milwaukee alumni banquet,   pp. 201-203

Page 201

Jfilwaukee Alumni Banquet.
             "JUNI(OR EX."9
     The junior oratorical exhibi-
   tion was held on March 11. The
   contestants were: Athenae, E.
Olbricdh; Philomathia, A. T. Ar-
nold; Hesperia, H. L. Geisse;
Olympia, Elmer    H. Williams;
Pythia, Miss Esther Concklin;
Castalia, Miss Eudora I. Cook;
Forum, Edgar E. Spiering; Co-
lumbia, Baldwin Schroeder.
   On the evening of March 1 a
 notable dinner was held by the
 Milwaukee alumni at the Hotel
 Pfister. Some one hundred and
 sixty members were present, Pres-
 ident, Van Hise being the guest of
 honor.   Glenway   Maxon,   '73,
 acted as toastmaster, and toasts
 were responded to by President
 Van Hise, Judge George H. Noyes,
 '73, D. W. Smith, '80,' President
 Ellen G. Sabin, '95, hon., of Mil-
 waukee-Downer college, and Prof.
 G. C. Comstock, of the University
 of Wisconsin. At the close of
 the speaking the following officers
 an'd committees  were   elected:
 President, Judge W. D. Tarrant,
 '90; vice-president, Dr. T. L. Har-
 rington, '90; secretary, Mrs. John
 H. Roemer, '91; treasurer, Robert
 Wild, '97; executive committee,
 president and secretary ex officio,
 E. P. Vilas, '72, Sidney H. Cole,
 '72, H. J. Desmond, '80.
 Dr. Van Hise spoke on the Past,
 Presentý and Future of the Univer-
 sity. He laid stress on the addi-
 tion of the best features of Eng-
 lish and German university life
 to the American university, which
 he prophesied would in a short
 time become the foremost univer-
sity system in the world.
   After' recounting the history of
 the  university, President Van
 Hise continued:
   "Some years ago the dormitory
 system  was discontinued, owing
 to the pressure for space for lec-
 ture rooms and laboratories, and
 the demand for these additions
 has been so great since that all
 the funds available have gone
 into the erection of such build-
 ings.   I believe in the system
 which is in vogue in Oxford and
 Cambridge, the establishment of
 halls and residences, commons
 and unions. These are needed by
 the student to supplement the
 work of the classes, and bring
 him into closer touch with his
 fellows in the 'university. The
 Oxford and Cambridge men would
 sacrifice anything before  they
 would give up their commons and
   "I also hope to see our graduate
 school, which has been changed
 in the last year from a depart-
 ment into a school, made a strong
 institution. The graduate school,
 with its opportunity for research
'and advancement, is the strongest
feature of German university life.
Let us engraft on our American
university system the best ideas

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