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Barton, Albert (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 5, Number 6 (March 1904)

On the hill,   pp. 198-201

Page 198

Wisconsin Alumni iagagzine.
  There was no decline this year
in the usual gayities of "prom
week" in spite of several circum-
stances   which. threatened    to
handicap the success of the uni-
versity's great social event. In
the number of out of town guests,
in the success of the accompany-
ing social events and in the bril-
liance of the promenade itself,
the attempt of the class of 1905
was crowned with success fully
as great as that of any previous
junior class.
  The essentially   new  feature,
the introduction of the annual
Haresfoot play as one of the reg-
ular features of "prom    week,"
was a happy move. In spite of
the fraternity parties held on the
same evening, the opera house
was crowded with a gay audi-
ence, and many were unable to
secure seats.   The presentation
of the play was beyond criticism,
as an amateur performance, and
was much lauded by those who
saw it. Hereafter the Haresfoot
play will be made a regular fea-
ture of the week's festivities.
   The promenade itself was in
 every way a success. The deco-
 rations, in lavender and white,
 were beautiful and tasty, though
 perhaps lacking   the  brilliancy
 and splendor of some previous
 "proms", due to the ban which
 has been placed on special elec-
tric-light wiring  in  the  gym-
nasium. A novel feature was the
canopied boxes, which heretofore
have been entirely open. The
ceiling was in white, with oc-
casional lavender, festoons cross-
ing the hall, and from   each of
the Nernst lamps hung strings of
southern smilax, which gave the
ceiling  a  rich appearance un-
paralled by previous efforts. Sup-
per was this -year served in the
gun room, as the" hand-ball cage
would .be too much of a fire-trap
if a crowd were caught up there
in case of a blaze. Financially,
also, the event was a success, and
general satisfaction over the af-
fair was felt by entertainers and
visitors alike.
  The burning of the state capi-
tol on the morning of February
27th was an event of considerable
interbest to the students, not only
on account of the active part
taken by students in fighting the
fire and saving valuable property
and documents, but also because
the university   people  will be
among    the  heaviest   sufferers.
Many students were doing much
of their thesis work in the state
law library, and the disorganiza-
tion of this large collection of
books is a serious set-back in their
work. The various debate teams
are also feeling the loss of this

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