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Barton, Albert (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 5, Number 6 (March 1904)

Progress of the University,   pp. 195-197

Page 195

Progress of the University.
          W. S. CARSON.
   W. S. Carson of Kingston, Ont.,
 who   has  been   appointed  in-
 structor in dairying in the uni-
-versity,, vic 1.7.SS.Baer--who- has
resigned to become assistant to
State Dairy and Food     Commis-
sioner J. A. Emery, is a graduate
of - the   four-year agricultural
course of the Ontario Agricul-
tural college, Guelph, and has
pursued   the  dairy  course  at
that institution. Mr. Carson has.
been proprietor of a cheese fac-
tory for many years, having had-
twelve years of practical experi-
eince--He alsa- servedtoyears-
as  traveling  cheese  instructor,.
and for two winters past has
been instructor in milk testing.
and lecturer on dairy chemistry
at   the  Kingston, Ont., dairy
  Perhaps the most noteworthy ad-
dition to the faculty of the eco-
nomic department which has oc-
curred in years is the announce-
ment that John ;R. Commons,
probably  the  greatest of the
younger economists, has accepted
an offer to become a member of
the university faculty. His con-
nection with the university will
begin July 1, and he will act as
a member of the faculty in the
annual*summer session. His sal-
ary is $3,0.00 a year. Dr.. Com-
mons is secretary of the concilia-
tion committee of the New York
Civic Federation  and assistant
secretary of the National Civic
Federation. Perhaps as does no
other young man, Dr. Commons
commands the esteem and confi-
dence  of the   great industrial
leaders of the country. He was
one of the closest <confidants of
the late Senator Hanna, and is
greatly admired by the leading-
economic professors and author-
ities in the great educational in-
   Professor Commons will offer
 two courses during the summer
 session, one on labor problems
 in, the United   States and the
 other on current problems in tax-
 ation. The first will deal with
 the relations between employer
 and   employee, the   effects of
 unions upon    the  condition of
 ,labor and the effect of labor leg-
 islation. The practical problems
,that have come to the lecturer aa
secretary of the Civic Federation
will be presented.    The second
course will be a general course
in taxation, with special refer-
ence    to  the  more   important
changes and tendencies during
the last ten years:

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