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Barton, Albert (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 5, Number 1 (Oct. 1903)

Allen, C. E.
Hamilton Greenwood Timberlake,   pp. 7-10

Page 7

Hamilton Greenwood Timberlake.
for these two schools was 407. In addition there were 10 in the
sunmmer school of pharmacy, which was discontinued this year.
Of the 400 students of the present year 291 were from Wis-
consin, 28 from illinois, 15 -from Iowa, 11-each from Minnesota
and Ohio, and 10 from South Dakota. The rem'ainder of the
total was made up from the 13 states and the island of Jamaica.
                                FRni   ORAPMAIN SHARP.
           [Born December 8, 1871; died July 19, 1903.]
  Perhaps the news of .none of the many deaths that have
occurred among faculty members within three or four years past
has come with more of a shock than did that of Professor H. G.
Timberlake. He had been married but a few weeks, and had
barely entered upon the work of the summer session, when, with
scarcely a moment's warning, the end came. He was almost at
the beginning of his active life, yet there was enough behind
him of work already accomplished to tell us something of how
useful that life was to be. He had just received a permanent
faculty appointment; and he had been selected by the C'arnegie
Institute as one of a few men whose success in scientific research
had marked them as worthy of a special opportunity for the
further pursuit of their investigations. ' His death me-sa not
only that he will be missed by those of us who knew him as a
friend, but it involves a distinct loss to the University and to the
world of science.
  Hamilton Greenwood Timberlake was born December 8, 1871,
at Medley Springs, Berkeley county, West Virginia. When he
was six years of age his father died, and shortly after, in No-
vember, 1884, the family removed to Port Byron, Illinois, where

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