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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 59, Number 5 (Nov. 1957)

Hone, Vivien
History in the making,   p. 11

Page 11

History in the Ilaking
             In University Archives rest valuable UW
        records-for safekeeping and use
T HE STORY of the University of
    Wisconsin as it is being seeded into
records and publications will henceforth
be preserved through the establishment
of University Archives. This new office
of Archivist and Bibliographer, created
by the Regents in June, meets a long-
standing and ever-growing need for the
full-time organized husbanding of Wis-
   Prof. Gilbert H. Doane, appointed
archivist and bibliographer, is directing
the work and has the assistance of two
part-time workers, both graduate stu-
dents in history.
   "Archives consist of the official rec-
ords and correspondence of the Univer-
sity, its administration offices, its col-
leges, divisions, and departments; the
official papers of its officers, deans, direc-
tors, departmental chairmen and fac-
ulty," Prof. Doane recently noted.
   He explained that the Archives also
contain printed bulletins, pamphlets,
serial publications and leaflets issued by
the University or written about it; pic-
torial brochures, films and scripts for
television and radio; sound recordings
of official events or reminiscences of
members of the faculty and staff.
Archivist and Bibliographer Doane examines  technical papers and working
notes of
Wisconsin history in the Regents' minutes.  members of the faculty, such
as those
                         By Vivien Hone
                           University News Service
which cut across the interests of a num-
ber of departments in the University-
for example, the material on lakes and
streams collected by the Drs. Birge,
Juday, and others," Prof. Doane, a little
out of breath, concluded.
   Beyond this, Archivist Doane pointed
out, after a pause, his office will be
actively interested in the personal papers
of UW faculty members who have made
exceptional contributions in the various
disciplines, or have taken a prominent
part in the development of the Univer-
sity, its teaching program and its re-
search program.
   "These add to the distinction of our
University and its reputation," Prof.
Doane stressed.
   Gathering, sorting, and   arranging
this material, making inventory and cat-
aloguing it will be routine, but the
archivist's function will not end with
merely preservation as its goal. Useful-
ness is vital to the new operation, and
Prof. Doane will assist those who wish
to explore the resources of the Archives.
   The new agency will obviously prove
useful in the writing of future Univer-
sity histories, for many areas of historical
research, and as an important records
   As University Bibliographer, Prof.
Doane will list as completely as possible
all official publications of the University
and enhance the value of such a list by
collecting copies of the publications
listed-a master file of UW    publica-
tions; including all titles in the "Bul-
letin" series and the old "Studies"
series, printed reports, and any fugitive
items which can be found. (The Studies
were published prior to the establish-
ment of the University Press.)
   "The work will go slowly at first,"
Mr. Doane acknowledged. "It takes time
to develop such a comprehensive pro-
   Fortunately, Prof. Doane does not
have to start from scratch; a substantial
body of printed materials had been
brought together by the University Li-
brary and the State Historical Society
before the Regents created the new
   Jesse Boell, the State Archivist, who
was encouraged by historian Vernon C.
Carstensen, has done a great deal to-
ward creating order out of relative un-
       (continued on page 31)

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