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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 59, Number 2 (Oct. 1957)

Compendium,   p. 15

Page 15

  Ten faculty members and #deans who
are assisting the Regents in selecting the
next University of Wisconsin president
have been chosen by various University
committees and divisions. They include:
  Deans Mark H. Ingraham, Letters
and Science; Rudolph K. Froker, Agri-
culture; Conrad A. Elvehjem, Graduate
School, and Joseph G. Baier, Letters and
Science at Milwaukee;
  Profs. Edwin Young, economics;
Frederick Olson, history (UW-M);
Gerard Rohlich, civil engineering; Ralph
Nafziger, journalism; Murray Fowler,
linguistics and classics, and James F.
Crow, zoology and genetics.
  President E. B: Fred, in office since
February of 1945, will retire from the
presidency at the close of the 1957-58
academic year.
Faculty Group
  To Help In
  Selection of
New President
  Overwhelmingly, the UW faculty killed a proposal to fill
in Lake Mendota west of the Union. Biological division op-
position condemned the proposed fill, designed to provide
parking space for about 350 additional cars.
  Wisconsin meteorologist Verner E. Suomi is working, un-
der a $50,000 grant from the National Science Foundation,
developing recording devices for the earth satellites to be
launched next year.
   Colleges and universities will benefit further from the
General Electric Company's Corporate Alumnus program,
since the new per-employee ceiling is $2,000. The company
reports it matched about $78 thousand in gifts from 2,237
employees to 268 colleges and universities in 1957.
   As one aftermath of last spring's controversy over develop-
ment of the lake road for auto traffic, the Regents gave the
go-ahead for a foot and bicycle path along the lakeshore from
Elm Drive to Picnic Point.
   Plans are being prepared for turning the present parking
lot between the Union and the Armory into a scenic mall.
Still in the discussion stage is a proposed multi-story parking
structure to alleviate the lower campus auto problem.
   More than 1100 banking officials from 39 states were on
campus for the 13th annual session of the School of Banking
beginning on August 26. This is a new high, reported Dr.
Herbert V. Prochnow, the school's director, and Fayette H.
Elwell, emeritus dean of the School of Commerce.
   Accounting professors, industrial accountants and repre-
 sentatives of leading public accounting firms converged on
 Madison August 26 for a three-day convention of the Ameri-
 can Accounting Association.
 Wisconsin Alumnus, October, 1957
   Are Made
  In a shuffling of top University ad-
ministration positions last summer:
* Dr. J. Kenneth Little resigned from
   the vice presidency of student affairs
   to devote all his time to teaching
   and research in higher education
* LeRoy Luberg was named dean of
   students, a position he'll assume
   when he leaves his work in the gov-
   ernor's office, where he has been Gov.
   Thomson's executive secretary. Lu-
   berg will handle many of the activi-
   ties he formerly handled as assistant
   to the president, and will also work
   in the field of student activities and
* Dr. Fred H. Harrington, professor
   of history, was appointed special as-
   sistant to the President of the Uni-
   versity. He is continuing to teach but
   is charged with academic planning in
   the president's office.
  The 72nd annual meeting of the Modern Languages As-
sociation was expected to draw between two and three thou-
sand U. S. educators to the campus Sept. 9-11. Many related
societies and associations met around the same time. English
Chairman Merritt Y. Hughes was general chairman of the
local arrangements.
   Another large conference was held Aug. 26-31. This
drew 400 scientists from here and abroad for discussions and
reports on the study of matter at cold temperatures ranging
to 455 degrees below zero and was called "The Fifth Inter-
national Conference on Low Temperature Physics and
  November 1 is the deadline for application for college
graduates to study abroad under the Fulbright and Buenos
Aires Convention programs. Information is available from
the Institute of International Education, 1 East 67th Street,
New York City 21.
  Ninety-seven graduates of the third graduating class of
the UW School for Bank Auditors and Comptrollers re-
ceived diplomas and keys on August 9. Some 300 bankers at-
tended this year's two-week session.
   Four kinescope television recordings presenting "Jour-
nalism in Perspective" are available from the UW School
of Journalism by groups. One is particularly aimed at
high school students interested in Journalism careers.
   A new department of medical genetics in the UW School
of Medicine has been established; it will be closely affiliated
with the present department of genetics in the College of

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