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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 59, Number 15 (July 1958)

Regents approve priority list for university buildings,   p. 39

Page 39

Regents Approve Priority List
For University Buildings
  A Regent-approved $26,479,750 building
program and construction priority list for
1959-61 now goes to the Coordinating Com-
mittee for Higher Education and the State
Building Commission.
  The total is in addition to the $15,145,550
building program for which the State Build-
ing Commission approved the development of
plans and specifications during the present
  The list maintains substantially the same
priorities as previously planned, but adds a
$2,225,000 Chemistry Research building,
which the University hopes to finance with
grants from the National Institutes of Health,
the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation,
and a $562,500 state appropriation.
  "Faced with sharply increased enrollments,
needs for additional research, demands for
expanded public service, and the facts of the
space studies (made by the Coordinating
Committee staff), it is essential that the
planning and construction of substantial addi-
tional facilities be continued and, if possible,
accelerated," the report adopted by the Re-
gents asserted.
  First on the list of priorities is a $500,000
request for emergency remodeling and repair
funds. Priorities 2 through 9 on the list are
the Law   Library wing, $645,000; Social
Studies wing of Commerce, $1,660,000; Mil-
waukee Science, $2,194,500; Milwaukee Heat-
ing Plant expansion $367,500; Extension
Building, $1,675,000; Milwaukee Fine Arts,
$1,108,800; Mathematics, $2,250,000; and
Engineering completion, $5,244,750.
  Major buildings for which funds were re-
quested for the 1959-61 biennium in the
priorities 11 through 33 included, in this
  Psychology, $2,200,000; Plant Science wing
on Agronomy, $1,800,000; Milwaukee Gen-
eral Classroom, $2,500,000; Administration
first unit, $1,750,000; land acquisition, $1,-
600,000; Madison Heating Plant expansion
plans, $70,000; Swine Research, $250,000;
Gymnasium, $3,000,000 in state funds plus
$2,000,000 in athletic department funds; Law
School completion,,, $1,3,00,000; Milwaukee
Mathematics, Physics and Engineering, $2,-
000,000; Engineering classrooms, offices and
laboratories, $2,000,000; Cooperative Housing
units, $450,000 in state funds plus addi-
tional residence hall funds; and Entomology,
Forestry, Wildlife Management, $2,300,000;
and a new Music hall, $2,500,000.
  The Regents requested funds for planning,
during  1959-61, the following buildings
totaling $6,390,000:
  Wisconsin High school, Medical Library,
Arboretum headquarters building, central ga-
rage, Bascom Hall additions, Medical Reha-
bilitation Center, and  a  Beef Research
  The Regents also approved a separate list
of self-amortizing and gift projects totaling
$7,142,000. These included the Art Center
and galleries, advocated by Pres. E. B. Fred,
$2,000,000; the $2,000,000 intercollegiate
athletics portion of a new Gymnasium; a
$1,800,000 Medical School research facility;
$850,000 for the first unit of the Milwaukee
Student Union, $85,000 for permanent stands
for baseball and locker rooms for baseball
and track; a $175,000 crew house; $32,000
for tennis courts; and $200,000 for purchase
of land for a golf course.
  The general building summary included a
list of additional structures, recommended
for construction in the biennia beyond 1961,
totaling $85,355,000, of which $13,700,000
would be in Milwaukee. The funds for
these would come from various sources.
   Leonard R. INGERSOLL '05, UW emeri-
tus professor of physics.
   W. Ray GILFILLAN '06, St. Paul, Minn.,
laundry owner.
   Mrs. S. H. (Edna CLARKE) Jamieson '06,
at Omaha, Nebr.
  Thomas H. WITTKORN '06, at Doyles-
town, Pa.
  B. B. BURLING '06, Milwaukee school
  Mrs. Florence (USHER) Kayser '07, at
Granada Hills, Calif.
  Leon C. COMBACKER '06, at Fergus
Falls, Minn.
  Stanley M. SORLEY      '07, Minneapolis
  Clarence J. RICE '08, at Glendale, Calif.
  Harry C. McLEAN '08, in California.
  Albert I. BUCHECKER '08, Spokane,
Wash., engineer.
  Mrs. Walter J. (Emma KAHL) MacNeil
'08, Bendle, Mich., high school teacher.
  Mrs. Herbert D. (Alice EVANS) Field
'08, Hollywood, Calif., author and fillm in-
dustry executive.
  Roy M. LEWIS '09, Hortonville high
school teacher.
  Mrs. James L. (Dorothy ROGERS) Kraker
'11, Beulah, Mich., social worker.
  Fergus OLIVER '11, former Sheboygan
  Charles H. KIRCH '12, Madison Highway
Commission engineer.
  John   FAGERLAND        '13, Arlington,
Mass., manufacturer's representative.
  Edwin H. KOTTNAUER '14, Los An-
geles, Calif., engineer.
  Mrs. William J. (Hebe LEEDEN) Aberg
'16, wife of Madison attorney.
  Edward B. MORSE '16, Dubuque, Ia.,
telephone company executive.
Wisconsin Alumnus, July, 1958
   George T. MOORE '18, machine company
executive, at Oshkosh.
   Guy A. OSBORN, '18, former publishing
representative, at Chicago, Ill.
  John J. PINK '18, Milwaukee physician,
  Rychen M. PADDACK '21, at Portland,
  Raymond D. LYONS '21, in Moore Haven,
  Herbert E. GRANT '22, president of Mil-
waukee carpet firm.
  Leo C. LOVEN '22, at Middleton.
  Leon   E. CHASE      '22, Viroqua   city
  Melvin C. DISHMAKER '23, Milwaukee
  Thomas R. DANIELS '23, Middleton edi-
tor and publisher.
  Marshall WALLRICH '23, former Sha-
wano lumber company executive.
  Lyman   F. FISCHER     '24, Manitowoc
  Otis INGEBRITSEN '24, retired college
dean, at Hollandale.
  J. Burton CARDIFF '25, Racine insurance
  Mrs. John S. (Elizabeth SEARS) Boulden
'25, at Baltimore, Md.
  Scott MACKAY '26, former college pro-
fessor, at Troy, N. Y.
  Harold A. BEEMAN '26, North Holly-
wood, Calif., realty company owner.
  Mrs. Elsa (WALLBER) Grover '27, at
  Gabriel G. BALAZS '27, Tire & Rubber
company   executive, at Uitenhag, South
  Ethel C. STAFFORD '27, Evanston, Ill.,
  Jefferson E. GREER '28, at Lake Charles,
   Mrs. Chester L. (Norma GAULKE) Crean
'28, Chicago, Ill.
   John M. ENGLISH '28, at Madison.
   Mrs. Herman B. (Lillian CALLIN) Block
'29, at Mt. Vernon, N. Y.
   Mrs. Adrian   H. (Veeda    CLEMENT)
Vander Veer '29, at Chicago, Ill.
  Ray HUBER '30, Milwaukee industrial
   Mrs. Marshall R. (Janet HUEGEL) Straus
'33, of Madison.
   Herbert WEITZNER     '33, at Berkeley,
  Gretchen BROWN '35, Kankakee, Ill.
  Karl W. FILTER '36, at Los Angeles,
  Mrs. Stanley A. (Myrtle SIMONSEN)
Tyler '36, at Madison.
  Prof. Ruth Wallerstein, English, killed in
an automobile accident March 28 in England,
where she was doing research on a leave
of absence.
  Prof. Paul M. Fulcher, English, after a
long illness.
  Emeritus Prof. Alexander N. Winchell,
geology pioneer in X-Ray identification of
crystal structures, who had retired in 1945.
  Emeritus Prof. George S. Bryan, botany,
still active in his field since his retirement
in 1949.
  Emeritus Prof. Warner Taylor, English,
long-time director of the freshman English
  Emeritus Prof. William F. Lorenz, psychi-
atrist and pioneer in extending information
on recognition of early mental disorders.
  Cecilia McGuan, retired Extension division
publications editor.

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