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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 59, Number 15 (July 1958)

A weekend for new grads,   p. 10

Page 10

a weekend for new grads..
  Altogether, about 2,500 degree-
winners marched across the Field House
platform on Monday morning, June 16,
and around 1,750 received their first
degree. Seventy-three percent of all
graduates were from homes throughout
the state's 71 counties, according to the
University's statistical reporter, Joseph
Lins. Only five states-Vermont, Idaho,
Louisiana, Wyoming and New Mexico
-were not represented. (How about a
Wisconsin Pre-View in Montpelier?)
One-third of the graduates were mar-
ried, and men outnumbered women
nearly three to one.
   "I cannot call to mind-although
there must be some exceptions-a single                Commencement figures
included Regent President Wilbur
great creative idea which has resulted                Renk, Dr. Wilder Penfield,
Governor Vernon W. Thomson,
from group thinking," Pres. Fred said
in his charge on Individuality at Com-
mencement. And, said Governor Vernon
W. Thomson: "We should expect more
from those who carry degrees."                        Dr. John A. Keenan,
retiring president of the Wisconsin
                                                      Alumni Association,
addressed new graduates (see page 9).
  The class gift" of '58, presented by
President Dick Urfer, was in the form
of a trust fund, the interest of which
will be used to purchase books for the
recreational reading room of the Memo-
rial Library.
  About half    of  1958's graduates
planned to continue their higher educa-
tions or go immediately into the armed
  Honorary Degree winner Dr. Wilder
G. Penfield gave the main address and
Cordelia K. Wagner of Chicago, a grad-
uating senior, spoke for students being
honored at the All-University Honors
Convocation, on Sunday before Com-
mencement. The UW Concert Band also
participated in the event.
Wisconsin Alumnus, July, 1958

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