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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 59, Number 15 (July 1958)

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Official Publication of the Wisconsin Alumni Association
Volume 59
JULY, 1958
Number 15
Page .*Sidelines
Association Report -----------------------------3
Sam Ogle '20 Heads Association -------------------6
A Welcome to the Class of 1958 ------------------9
A Weekend for New Grads -------------------- 10
A Weekend for Old Grads ---------------------11
UW Budget Maintains Current Level --------------18
Are Academic Standards Too Low? ----------------18
A Season for Honors --------------------------20
A Salute to Retiring Faculty Members --------------24
A Burning Question in Thailand -----------------31
Visitors Report Progress at Milwaukee --------------33
Potentate -----------------------------------34
Regents Approve Building Priority ----------------39
Letters to the Editor -------------------------
Keeping in Touch with Wisconsin----------------
Wisconsin Women---------------------------
Sports Roundup-----------------------------
Alumni Club Bulletin Board --------------------
Badger Bookshelf
Newly Married-----------------------------
John Berge, '22 -------------------Managing Editor
George Richard; '47 ------------------------Editor
Edward H. Gibson, '23 -------- --------- Field Secretary
Grace Chatterton, '25 ----------------Alumnae Editor
   COVER. Far removed from its former role in intercol-
 legiate sports, intramural athletics, student mob exhibitions
 and academic pursuits is the lower campus mall that links
 University and State Historical Society libraries. Broad paved
 walks outline sizable patches of green lawn and skirt
 flowers, bushes and small trees. The latest addition to this
 beauty is a fountain in its center, the gift of alumnus William
 J. Hagenah. On the inside rim of the fountain, which was
 dedicated during Commencement-Reunion Weekend, reads
 this inscription: "Teachers and books are the springs from
 which flow the waters of knowledge." It was on this rim that
 we posed Sam Ogle (left), Milwaukee, who is now the presi-
 dent of the Wisconsin Alumni Association, and Dr. John A.
 Keenan, who left the presidency to take over as chairman of
 the Association board. For more on Mr. Ogle, see a special
 article in this issue of the Alumnus. In the background is the
 Historical Society Library.
   ET TV, BRUTE. Communications researchers at the
UW and at Michigan State found that more people now hear
the news first on television (37 per cent), than on radio
(28 per cent), newspapers (18 per cent), or word of mouth
(17 per cent). Most turn to the newspaper for additional
or supplementary information.
  WET END. A burglar newly-arrived in Madison tried
to hold up a grocery store in the 600 block of State Street,
bungled the job, fled at high speed in his car, turned north
on dead end Lake street, shortly continued his flight on foot
after leaving his car in Lake Mendota.
THE WISCONSIN ALUMNUS, published once monthly in December, January, February,
April, May, June, July and September, and three times monthly in October
and November. (These
extra issues are Football Bulletins.) Entered as second class matter at the
post office at Madison, Wis.,
under the act of March 3, 1879. Subscription price (included in membership
dues of the Wisconsin
Alumni Association) $2.50 a year; subscr.etion to non-members, $5.00 a year.
Editorial and business
offices at 770 Langdon St., Madison 10, Wis. If any subscriber wishes his
magazine discontinued at the
expiration of his subscription, notice to that effect should be sent with
the subscription, or at its
expiration. Otherwise it is understood that a continuance is desireA
Wisconsin Alumnus, July, 1958

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