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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 59, Number 11 (March 1958)

Berge, John
Keeping in touch with Wisconsin,   p. [11]

Page [11]

     On July first Dean Conrad A. Elvehjem will move into 161 Bascom Hall
as the
thirteenth president of the University of Wisconsin. This is one case when
thirteen is definitely a lucky number.
     First of all, Dean Elvehjem's selection as the next president assures
continuation of the policies which have made our University a great insti-
tution. For thirty-five years Dean Elvehjem has played an important part
the growth of our University. He knows its problems and needs. He knows
what must be done to keep Wisconsin in the top ten among American univer-
     Most people know Dean Elvehjem as a great scientist. Those of us who
worked with him know that he also is a good administrator.
     Since 1946 he has held two important administrative jobs on the campus:
dean of the graduate school and chairman of the biochemistry department.
Forenoons he usually can be found in his office in the Biochemistry build-
ing. Afternoons he moves up to Bascom Hall to carry on his work as dean of
graduate school.
     In both capacities he has demonstrated the administrative ability so
essential in running a great university. He believes in direct action. He
doesn't throw his weight around, but makes it clear that he wants to get
things done as quickly as possible.
     Dean Elvehjem's selection also proves that Wisconsin is lucky in having
a fine Board of Regents. These Regents showed rare skill and resourcefulness
in selecting President Fred's successor. Few people realize the long hours
spent on this assignment. Members of the Board of Regents travelled from
coast to coast to interview candidates. Wisconsin is lucky to have Regents
so dedicated to the University's welfare. They richly deserve the thanks
of all inotoe ir-o-s               lsadtr
     Dean Elvehjem's selection also is good news for members of the Wisconsin
Alumni Association. Connie has been a member of our Board of Directors since
1947. He was re-elected for a three-year term in last year's election.
In each election that he was a candidate he always headed the list with the
highest number of votes cast. He served as WAA treasurer for three years
has done an outstanding job as chairman of the Association's student awards
     As a WAA director, Connie has been very helpful in maintaining effective
teamwork between the University and our Association-the kind of teamwork
which has made WAA increasingly effect ive as the strong right arm of the
     He knows that a two-way street between the University and WAA is impor-
tant in this teamwork. Those of us who have been privileged to work with
as a member of our Board of Directors know that he will do his full share
make this teamwork more and more helpful to the University of Wisconsin.
                                                  Executive Director

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