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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 56, Number 11 (March 15, 1955)

Necrology,   pp. 36-37

Page 36

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HENRY E. SHIELS, '04, Chicago
GEORGE E. F. MAYER, '12, Milwaukee
HILDING F. NELSON, '19, Chicago
ALFRED C. GOESSLING, '23, Milwaukee
HUGO C. BACHHUBER, '26, Milwaukee
GODFREY L. MORTON, '29, Milwaukee
THAYER C. SNAVELY, '30, Milwaukee
MARTIN B. LEHMAN, CLU, '35, Kansas
JOHN C. ZaMDARS, '39, Madison
EDWARD M. LEVINEs '47, Milwaukee
CALBERT L. DINGS, '48, Charlotte
RoY M. LEWIS, '48, Houston
       MUTUAL         O
  Mary L. EDGAR, '83, long-time Mad-
ison school teacher and principal, at Berke-
ley, Calif.
  Dr. Harry C. Worthington, '85. another
of the oldest UW alumni, formerly of Oak
Park, Ill., at Westfield, N. J.
  Samuel Barstow  Harding, '89, former
Waukesha engineer, at Evanston, Ill.
  Mrs. Addie LINDLEY Reid, '89, formerly
of Wausau. at Palmetto, Calif.
  Mrs. Anna SIRONG Parkinson, '94. for-
merly of Madison, in Plainfield, N. J.
  Dr. Richard Fischer, '97, UW chemistry
professor emertitus, in Minneapolis.
  Mrs. Martha CHAMBERLAIN Grey, '93,
  Mrs. Wilhelmina ENTEMAN Key, '94, a
research scientist, formerly of Hartland, in
Everett, Wash.
  Grant Smith, '97, according to information
from the Chicago Alumni Club.
  Fred J. BOLENDER, '90. Monroe mer-
chant and civic leader.
  John Mandt NELSON, '92, 12-term Pro-
gressive congressmen, in Madison.
  Theron E. POWERS, '92, some years ago,
in Arkansas.
  William H. SWARTZ, '95, widely known
Holstein breeder, in Waukesha.
  John J. BRENNAN, '94. Oshkosh drug-
  Vernon A. SUYDAM, '96, Beloit college
physics professor.
  H. R. WARNER. '98, Whitewater.
  William M. FOWLER. '99.
  Charles A. A. McGEE, '99, attorney and
  Moose leader, in Santa Barbara.
  T. Sever SABY, '00, in Chicago.
  Benjamin E. BUTTLES, '00, formerly of
  Chicago, in Florida some years ago.
  Buchanan   JOHNSON,    '00, Plainfield
  Libby Maria DAMUTH, '00, former
  Whitewater and Lancaster teacher, in Jef-
  Edward C. GRIESSEL, '02, of Muskogee,
  Emma WIESENDER, '01, long-time Os-
  kosh high school teacher, in Berlin, Wis.
  Harry L. REEVS, '02, Rhinelander, lawyer.
  Willard Van Brunt CAMPBELL, '02, of
  Reno, Nev., in San Francisco.
  Charles Ray WHITNEY, '04, Waukegan
  insurance man,
  Frank W. KIMBALL, '04, Milwaukee
  Mrs. Eliza MIDDLETON      Watts, '05,
  according to word from the Chicago club.
  Henry D. BARNES, '07, San Diego Title
  Co. vice-president, in Escondido, Calif.
  Lydia E. FADNER, '08, of Superior.
  August J. LUEDKE, '08, Milwaukee.
  George Louis CROSS, '08, Duluth, MNinn.,
  businessman, in Brainerd, Minn.
  John H. SCHOENMANN, '08, Spring
  Green auto dealer and former school teacher.
  The Rev. George H. WILLETT, '09, in
  Iola, Wis.
  Louis M. LARSON, '09, according to in-
  formation from the Chicago alumni club.
  Harold E. LOGAN, '10, former treasurer
  of Colgate Palmolive Peet Co., in Vista,
  Howard F. Ilgner, '11, Milwaukee city
  traffic engineer,
  Sidney DUDGEON, '11, Madison busi-
, rĂ½
  David M. DRUMMOND, '11, of Cleve.
land, 0.
  Maurice C. SJOBLOM, '13, civil engineer,
  Allen R. BRADLEY, '13, New York.
  James A. HAMILTON, '13, Menomonee,
  Dr. P. R. BLODGETT, '14, Chicago
Heights physician.
  Emerson Bard PRIDDY, '14, in Chicago.
  Mabel SEARCH, '14, former magazine edi-
tor, in New York.
  Clarence HAUGAN, '14, Beloit attorney.
  Mack C. LAKE, '14, well-known mining
engineer and geologist and former president
of U. S. Steel's Orinoco Mining Co., at San
  Luella M. WINANS, '15, in Decatur, Ill.
  Dr. Archie A. SKEMP, '15, La Crosse
  Mrs. Alicia NEVINS, '16, former Wis-
consin legislative librarian, in Madison.
  Harry W. RIEGER, '16, Chicago business-
  Dr. Harold   CARADINE, '16, Monroe
  Mabel E. GRISWOLD, '17, only woman
to serve on the Wisconsin Industrial Com-
mission, in Boscobel. She resided in Madison.
   Col. Lawrence MARTIN, '17, former UW
 professor and chief of the Library of Congress
 map division, in Washington, D. C.
   Carl F. YOUNG, '17, Green Bay attorney,
 in Madison.
   Milton C. ZELLMER, '18, according to
 word from the Chicago alumni club.
   Henry W. SHAW, '18, Chicago.
   Mrs. Howard B. Doke, (nee Grace God-
 dard) Madison church and civic leader.
   Paul A. MEIER, '19, former St. Paul,
 Minn., teacher.
   Walter KRUSCHKE, '20, retired school
 superintendent, in Rhinelander.
   Harold J. SIVAN, '20, in Washington,
   Dr. Earle E. KIDDER, '20, Stevens Point
   Dr. Leroy D. EDWARDS, '21, Purdue
 pharmacology professor, in Lafayette, Ind.
   Perle GUESS, '22, Monroe businessman
 and astronomer.
   Dr. Will B. GNAGI, '22, nationally known
 surgeon and co-founder of the Monroe clinic.
   Ellis V. LATCHFORD, '23, UW store-
 keeper, in Madison.
   Dr. ALLEN L. MILLARD, '23, in Marsh-
   Theodore R. SALTER, '25, Marshfield
 salesman, in a Marathon county traffic acci-
   Mrs. Rebecca RABINOFF Kaplan, '25, in
 Columbus, 0.
   Vincent J. McHUGH, '26, Milwaukee
   Mrs. Geneva PARKER True, '26, in Wau-
 kegan, Ill.
   Mirs. Lura DAVISON Funk, '27, in Mil-
   Virginia LARSON Heyl, '27, Gimbels
 Dept. store advertising manager for 20 years,
 in Pittsburgh.
   Mrs. Genevieve F. PRISK Schaller, '27, of
   Harry N. GOLDBERG, '28, in Philadel-
   Gregory C. CLEMENT, '28, at Galveston,
 Tex., in 1950.
   Dorothy Harriet PETERSON, '29, at Ma-
 son City, Iowa.
   Mrs. Ruth DUNLOP, '31, in Kenilworth,
                WISCONSIN ALUMNUS

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