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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 56, Number 10 (Feb. 15, 1955)

Dear editor ,   p. [6]

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A vital message
  to the head of
      the family
      Two ways you can
      protect your family
      against CANCER
  ...a check
  ...a check-up
  Cancer strikes in one of every
  two families. Each year more than
  60,000 American children under
  the age of eighteen lose a parent
  to cancer.
  Yet many cancers can be cured,
  if discovered in time.
    Every man should have a
  complete physical examina-
  tion once a year. Women over
  thirty-five should have a com-
  plete physical examination
  twice a year.
  Because of scientific advances,
  patients are being cured today
  who could not have been saved
  even five years ago.
  The American Cancer Society
  asks your help in the fight against
  cancer. Your check today will
  help pay for costly research. Will
  help keep physicians informed of
  latest developments in detection
  and treatment. Will help pay for
  the training of doctors to special-
  ize in cancer.
    How soon we find cancer's
  cause and cure depends on how
  soon and how much help comes
  from people like you.
  Invest your money today for your
  family's security tomorrow.
I "Cancer" c/o Postmaster, (Your town)
  Please send me free literature
  about cancer.
  Enclosed is my contribution of
  I $      to the cancer crusade.
  City  _           State_
    Cancer strikes One in Five
       STRIKE BACK...
     Give to Conquer Cancer
Dear Editor
  A letter in the November issue suggests
that you have been interested in three gen-
erations of one family as students at Wis-
consin. If so:
    Charles E. Lamb, '90, '02
    Alvin R. Lamb, '13, '15, '30
    Earl R. Lamb, '47
are eligible for the list.
  The first named played on the first intra-
mural Rugby football team, and the other
two were members of the U.W. Band. The
last, who is with Wisconsin Telephone Co.
in Milwaukee, has two young future U.W.
students in early training.
                 Alvin R. Lamb, '13
                 Los Gatos, California
        Letter from France
  I received the October issue of the Wis-
consin Alumnus today, and it reminded me
that I hadn't written the letter I intended
to write when I left Germany and came to
France ...
  I am now Staff Judge Advocate of the
Advance Section, USAREUR    Communica-
tions Zone. We have a number of Engineer,
Ordnance and Quartermaster Depots in this
northeast section of France. Living here
isn't plush like it is in Germany, but condi-
tions are improving. I have managed to ob-
tain a good French house for my family
(there are no governnment quarters for any-
one), and Margaret and Bob should be here
by Christmas. Rent is just a little high-
I'll be paying about $200 a month includ-
ing heat and utilities. Verdun has one big
advantage, though-it is an ideal location
from which to travel to Germany, Switzer-
land, the low Countries and Italy. So I ex-
pect to see a good deal of Europe during my
stay here. My car has not yet arrived, so I
haven't seen much so far except on official
  Last Thursday, I took part, with the rest
of the ADSEC staff, in the French Armis-
tice Day ceremonies. They didn't change the
name, as we did. Included in the ceremony
was the arrival from Arlington, Virginia,
Dame Myra Hess, Pianist,
Prom, Union
Pro Arte Quartet, Music
Lillian Gilbreth, Theater
Associated Women Stu-
dents Co-Ed's Week
High School Forensic and
Debate contests
Little International Live-
stock Show, Pavilion
Leo    Steffens, pianist,
Music Hall
Wisconsin       Players-
"Annie Get Your Gun"
Wisconsin       Players-
"Annie Get Your Gun"
Minneapolis Symphony,
Pro Arte Quartet, Music
m m
W. Clarke
      The Dean's in Florida
      Tomorrow, Nov. 20th, our long wait
comes to an end. We get into our new
house . . . typical Florida ...
  Met a James ("Pop") Warner at Ben-
son's yesterday. Was a school man in Wis-
consin, at Jefferson and other places, and
Recalled Mickey O'Shea, Harry Miller,
Frank Holt and others. Had quite a visit
with him. Attended my summer session
three summers ...
The sun shines bright on our new Aloma
  'Tis winter, the Goodnights are gay.
The snows, icy streets and blizzards from
    the north
  Are up in old Wisconsin far away!
So weep no more, my lady; for we aie
    here to stay!
  The fur caps, galoshes and heavy winter
  Have gone with the wind; hip hooray!
                      -A long fellow.
              Scott H. Goodnight, '05
              Emeritus Dean of Men
              Winter Park, Fla.
   (Editor's Note: Scotty Goodnight cele-
brated his 80th birthday on January 16.)
16-17 Studio Plays, Union
18    A Cappella Choir, Music
18-19 State High School Bas-
      ketball Tourn.
20    Sunday Music Hour, UW
22-23 William   Primrose, Viol-
      ist, Theater
23    French Play, Union
25-27 United Nations Confer-
26     International Club Cos-
       tume Ball
27     Pro Arte Quartet, Music
29-April 2 Wisconsin Players,
      Theater-"The Crucible"
31     SDX    Gridiron  Banquet,
Campus    Carnival, Field
UW Band, Palm Sunday
Concert, Union
Campus Calendar
of a torch lighted at the tomb of the un-
known  soldier. At the same time, they
brought one from Paris, lighted at the Arc
de Triomphe. At the conclusion of the
ceremony, they took them out to cemeteries
near here, to light fires that are kept burn-
ing there. It was a most impressive and
colorful ceremony.
  Now   that I've done my duty and kept
you informed of where I am and what's
happening, please keep the Alumnus and
the football letters coming, so I can see
what's going on back there.
  Merry Christmas-Froehliche Weinachten
-Joyeux Noel-I'm    all mixed up from
changing  countries  so  frequently and

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