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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 54, Number 3 (Nov. 1952)


Lola R. Pierstorff
        230 W. Giman'gSt,,
               Madzlson 3, Wigs
              S 2ndLt.
Joseph C. Rodriguez
                U. S.Army
      Medal of Honor
                 SIXTY YARDS TO GO. From
atop the hill, near Munye-ri, Korea, the enemy
suddenly opened up a withering barrage. The
squad was caught; Red mortars began zero-ing
for the kill. Lieutenant Rodriguez (then Pfc.,
with only seven months service) broke loose
and dashed up the fire-swept slope, throwing
grenades. Disregarding the fire concentrated
on him, he wiped out three foxholes and two
gun emplacements. Alone, he accounted for 15
enemy dead, led the rout of the enemy, and
saved the lives of his squad.
"When you have to take chances to reach an
objective, that's O.K.," says Lieutenant Rod-
riguez. "But when you can find a surer way to
your goal, so much the better.
"That's why I was glad when I heard that peo-
ple like you own nearly 50 billion dollars in
U. S. Defense Bonds. I believe that a strong,
peaceful America is our objective. And the sure
way to reach it is through backing our strength
with your strength by investing in Bonds!"
Now E Bonds earn more! 1) All Series E Bonds
bought after May 1, 1952 average 3% interest, com-
pounded semiannually! Interest now starts after 6
months and is higher in the early years. 2) All ma-
turing E Bonds automatically go on earning alter ma-
turity and at the new higher interest! Today, start
investing in better-paying United States Series E De-
fense Bonds through the Payroll Savings Plan where
you work or the Bond-A-Month Plan where you bank!
                          Peace is for the strong!
For peace and prosperity save with U. S. Defense Bonds!
          The U.S. Government does not pay for this advertisement. It is
donated by this publication
          in cooperation with the Advertising Council and the Magazine Publishers
of America.
    PA I D
    Permit 193
MnAlc;nn Wisconsnc
rn wg l~ g

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