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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 54, Number 3 (Nov. 1952)

With the classes,   pp. 28-31

Page 28

1886-1900     ........                 W
  Frank G. HOBART, '86, in September
completed 63 years of employment at Fair-
banks, Morse & Co.'s Beloit works. His
years of service with the company, once as
chief engineer and now a consulting engi-
neer, exceed that of any other of the com-
pany's 11,000 employees.
  0. Henry BOSSERT, '91, died Feb. 11,
1952, according to word received by the
Alumnus from Thiensville. Wis.
  Dr. Francis F. BOWMAN, '94, former
Madison health officer, died Sept. 27 in
  Mr. and Mrs. Frank CORNISH, '96, ob-
served their golden wedding anniversary on
Aug. 8 in    Berkeley, Calif., where they
came as refugees from the San Francisco
fire in 1906. The celebration came a day
after Mr. Cornish's 83rd birthday (he notes
there was an eclipse of the sun the day he
was born, Aug. 7, 1869, in Oshkosh, four
years after his father graduated from Wis-
consin in 1865.) He is a former president
of the Northern California Alumni Club
and served as its secretary continuously from
1904 to 1948-which we think may be a
record for tenure in such an office.
  Mrs. Olive QUIMBY Dibble died Aug.
6 in Seattle; her daughter, Dorothea, writes
she wishes to continue receiving the Alum-
nus to   keep  track  of former Madison
friends, even though she is not a alumna.
(We're happy to oblige.)
  Alva EIGHMY, longtime Madison real-
tor and insurance man, died Sept. 29.
  Ralph   W. STEWART, '99, of         Los
Angeles, indicates he is prepared to offer
something other than a death notice in these
early class notes by sending along an an-
nouncement- written in German--of the
translation of a very technical book written
by him since his retirement. It covers a new
procedure for computing the strength of
building frames which substantially reduces
the labor of analyzing various forms of
frames and is titled "Die Traversen-Meth-
ode," in its German form.
   Mrs. Edith NELSON Donovan, '99, for-
mer school teacher and widow of a former
Madison health officer, died Oct. 3.
1902 .....        ...........           W
   The West Bend Pilot recently interviewed
Judge F. W. BUCKLIN on the dual anni-
versary as a UW alumnus and a West Bend
residefit. He was a school teacher and ad-
ministrator there until 1911, when h- en-
tered the law profession, becoming county
judge in 1925.
   Harry R. HEWITT is now located in
St. Petersburg, Fla.
1903 .....        ...........           W
   Aaron   HEYWARD's      death  in  Santa
Rosa, Calif., in 1947 was recently reported
to the University.
   Dr. Eugene BYRNE, former UW         and
Barnard college history professor, died Sept.
22 in Princeton, N.J.
   Henry J. GEERLINGS, Milwaukee engi-
neer, died Sept. 27.
   John L. SAVAGE has embarked upon
another 'round-the-world flight-his eleventh
in 10 years-as a consultant on huge rec-
lamation projects in Alaska, Japan, Aus-
tralia, the  Philippines, Java, Singapore,
ORRIN B. EVANS, '31, is associate dean of
the School of Law at the University of Southern
California. He has been on the SC law faculty
five years and teaches equity, trusts and resti-
tution. He previously taught at the Universities
of Missouri, Idaho, Yale and Northwestern.
His father, the late Judge Evan A. Evans, was
a president of the Wisconsin Alumni Associa-
tion. Dr. Evans, with his wife and three chil-
dren, lives in Los Angeles.
India, Afghanistan, Turkey, Lebanon, Lon-
don and South Africa. The trip will take
four months.
  Mrs. Bess MORRISON       Schroeder died
recently in Racine.
1904 .........          .......... W
  Seymour W. CHENEY, consulting engi-
neer of Battle Creek, Mich., died recently.
  Judge Michael G. EBERLEIN died Sept.
23 in Shawano.
  Henry C. ROWAN has been reelected
president of the Juneau County Bar Asso-
1905 .........         .......... W
  Mrs. John Detling (Minnie M. RIESS),
former state AAUW president, died recently
in Sheboygan.
  Mr. and Mrs. Lynn D. JASEPH of Green
Bay celebrated their golden wedding anni-
versary Aug. 12.
  Dr. Alfred W. HOMBERGER, head of
the biochemistry department at the U. of
Louisville Medical School, died Sept. 11.
   Harry E. WHEELOCK, South Bend, Ind.,
business executive, died Aug. 22.
1906 .........          .......... W
   Arthur W. PETTIT died Aug. 13 in
Brandon, Wis.
   DeWitt C. POOLE, long-time State De-
partment official and former president of
the National Committee for a Free Europe
died Sept. 4 in Princeton, N.J.
1913 .........          .......... W
   Lawrence J. HARTZHEIM        of Beaver
Dam died Sept. 30 after an auto accident.
   Arno L. ZINKE has been elected pres-
ident and general manager of the Mid-
States Gummed Paper Co.
1914 .........          .......... W
   Dr. Jane CAPE is in Baghdad, Iraq, con-
 ducting a lectureship  at Queen  Aliyah
 college under a Fulbright grant.
  Daniel A. HAYWORTH's death occurred
in November, 1951.
  Leslie C. HOFFMAN died Oct. 3. in Eau
Claire, after injury in an unusual accident
in which his outboard motor boat went over
a 24 foot dam spillway.
1915 .........         .......... W
  Jesse H. BINFORD     of Richmond, Va.,
died June 10, 1952.
1916 .........         .......... W
  Franklin G. PARDEE, who has been
state geologist in Michigan, has been ap-
pointed president of the Lake Superior Iron
Ore Association in Cleveland and took over
his new position on Oct. 15.
1917 ..........            ....... W
  Louise Dorsey, retired dry goods buyer of
Anchorage, Ky., died Aug. 28 of polio-
  Raymond E. PORTER writes about one
Wisconsin family: "Daughter Carol, ('51)
recently commissioned as a lieutenant in the
Army Medical -Specialists corps, entered
Broke Medical Center, Ft. Sam Houston,
Texas, Oct. 10 for 34 weeks training. Son
Raymond    ('48)  is presently completing
Ph.D. work in economics and labor relations
at the University of Wisconsin." Col. Porter
is regional field officer of the Selective Serv-
ice System in San Francisco.
  Dr. Edward C. RAINEY of Wichita,
Kansas, has been reported deceased.
1918 .........         .......... W
  Donald A. CALDWELL of Sioux Falls,
S.D., (the friendly state, says Mr. Cald-
well) has been re-elected secretary of the
South Dakota Retailers' Association. The
association recently held its 1952 convention,
the biggest in years and the first under Mr.
Caldwell's supervision.
  Dr. Henry ONSGARD just started his
22nd year at Wichita U. He is a history
professor who's a radio commentator on
world affairs in his spare time.
1919 .........          .......... W
  Alice L. MOORE      of Milwaukee died
Aug. 23.
1920 .........          .......... W
  Mrs. Edward L. DEUSS ('19), nee Harriet
  GOODWIN, passed away in Oct. 1951.
Mr. Deuss is now living in Arlington, Vir-
  Dr. J. Marvin PETERSON, director of
research  of Minneapolis Federal Reserve
Bank, was a recent speaker at Dunn county
Dairy Day. He helped found the UW
School of Banking.
  Ernest H. PETT, former Madison attor-
ney, is "on the country" these days, travel-
ing through the west. After visits to Colo-
rado and Yellowstone park he planned to
spend the winter in Arizona and Mexico.
   Edward B. WILLIAMS and Mrs. Virginia
Kerrick Wise, married Sept. 20 in New
York, are,making their home in Great Neck,
1924 .........          .......... W
   Suel 0. ARNOLD, Milwaukee attorney,
 presented a paper before the annual meet-
 ing of the American Bar Assn. in September.
   Ed BURGESON is an executive in the
 ANPA's Bureau of Advertising in New
   Louis F. DEGLER of Milwaukee passed
 away early this year.

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