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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 54, Number 3 (Nov. 1952)

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Official Publication of the Wisconsin Alumni Association
   WISCONSIN IDEA: We call your
 attention to "A Bueprint for Coop-
 eration," second in a series on how
 various UW divisions implement the
 Wisconsin Idea of service to the
 state in continuing programs. Last
 issue featured the Medical School.
 More are coming up!
   COVER: The other Sunday after
 our gridiron Badgers went down to
 defeat before UCLA, a Madison
 newspaper remarked: "Well, it
 wasn't the band's fault." It is true
 that, nowadays, many university and
 college bands put on between-the-
 halves productions in a grand man-
 ner probably undreamed of in the
 olden days. Masters at contriving
 such spectacles such as the one dis-
 played on this month's cover-a can-
 non firing, smoke and all, Bucky
 Badger over the goal line for a
 touchdown  against Marquette-are
 the members of the University of
 Wisconsin's 150-piece football band,
 under the direction of grid band di-
 rector Don Marcouiller and the
 UW's beloved director of bands,
 Ray Dvorak. Regardless of how the
 game is going, the bouncing Badger
 bandsmen are always full of hope as
 they are led through their neat and
 intricate maneuvering by sharp-step-
 ping Stan Stitgen.
 Band activity, by the way, has been
 eminently successful. Its recording of
 the first Wisconsin college songs disc
 in 30 years has been selling like
 hotcakes from the Victor Music store,
456 State St., Madison, in both 78
and 45 r.p.m. sizes, at $1.15.
Vol. 54                   NOVEMBER, 1952                               No.
City and University Establish Diplomatic Relations ---------------------9
A Blueprint for Cooperation By Robert Foss, '30 ----------------------16
I Worked My Way Through Fire College By George Richard, '47 --------20
He Makes Friends for U.S. By Mrs. W. J. Erlandson, '27 ---------------25
What They Say  ----------------------------------------------- 3
Dear Editor  -------------------------------------------------4
Keeping in Touch with Wisconsin  By John Berge
The University  ----------------------------------------------10
Campus Chronicle By Catherine Vakos, '53          --                    
On Wisconsin in Sports By Art Lentz
With the Clubs     ---------------------------------------------- 23
Alumni     ---------------------------------------------------- 25
Madison Memories          -------------------------------------------31
Badger Bookshelf         --------------------------------------------39
John Berge, '22 ---------------------------------------Managing Editor
George Richard, '47        ----------------------------------------Editor
Edward H. Gibson, '23 ----------------------------------Field Secretary
Art Lentz, Athletic Publicity Director ----------------------     Sports
THE WISCONSIN ALUMNUS, published once monthly in December, January, February,
April, May, June, July and September, and three times monthly in October
and November. Entered
as second class matter at the post office at Madison, Wis., under the act
of March 3, 1879. Subscrip-
tion price (included in membership dues of the Wisconsin Alumni Association)
$2.00 a year; sub-
scription to non-members, $4.00 a year. Editorial and business offices at
770 Langdon St., Madison 6,
Wis. If any subscriber wishes his magazine discontinued at the expiration
of his subscription, notice
to that effect should be sent with the subscription, or at its expiration.
Otherwise it is understood
that a continuance is desired.

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