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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 54, Number 3 (Nov. 1952)

Berge, John
Keeping in touch with Wisconsin,   pp. 6-8

Page 6

keeping in touch with WISCONSIN
JOHN BERGE, Executive Secretary
,W        ILL YOU please send me a Wisconsin pumpkin
          pie, 18 x 10 x 2 inches, made with natural milk,
          no spice?" This request from a Wisconsin alum-
nus from Seattle shows that our mail here at Association
headquarters is not limited to heart-rending pleas for four
tickets on the fifty-yard line for the Wisconsin-Illinois
game. These pleas came in daily during September, even,
though all tickets for this game were sold by July 21.
  Shortly after the pumpkin pie plea came in, this easy
question came from the Blumhaven Library and Gallery
in Philadelphia:
       "Which lake is adjacent to the Chicago & North-
     western railway tracks-Monona or Mendota?"
  Answering that question, of course, was easy. This one
from a New York alumnus was tougher:
       "Am having a debate on universities versus colleges.
     Please send me any information you can on the num-
     ber of colleges in the University of Wisconsin and any
     other information that would be pertinent since I am
     arguing on the University side."
  Still tougher was this request from Koksan J. Woo of
Hong Kong:
       "I graduated from the College of Agriculture, Uni-
     versity of Wisconsin with the B. S. degree in 1913,
     and received the M. S. degree in 1914. It will be just
     40 years next June. I am planning to come back to
     join our class reunion next year, and I expect to stay
     in America about 5 months to see different places of
       "I do not know whether you can help me by writ-
     ing to the US Immigration Authorities to obtain entry
     permit for me to enter the United States so that I
     shall be able to participate in our class reunion in
     1953. I shall be most grateful to you if you will be
     so kind as to inform me in details how to tackle such
     a question".
  In answering this request we called for help from our
dub director in Washington, George Worthington. We
don't have a real estate license, of course, but even so we
get pleas for help like this one from an alumnus in East
Orange, New Jersey:
       "Would you be so kind as to supply me with a
     list of four room or less cottages on Lake Mendota
     or Monona, or at Devils Lake where I could make
     arrangements for myself and my wife to spend my
     annual vacation."
   From Barneveld, Wisconsin, came this triple-barrelled
       "I am interested in obtaining the following histor-
     ical works: 1) University of Wisconsin, from its incep-
     tion up to the present time, including an account of
     the great expansion in extension services; 2) State of
     Wisconsin, early settlement, economical and political
     development; 3) Biography of General Edwin Bryan,
     Dean of Wisconsin Law School, 1895. (I am deeply
     interested in Gen. Bryant, the man himself and his
     military and literary achievements. Gen. Bryant took
     an almost fatherly interest in me when I was fortu-
     nate enough to be one of his students.)"
  Sandwiched between these variegated requests are the
old perennials-pleas for better football tickets. One loyal
Badger pleaded for better football tickets for his honeymoon.
He didn't like the idea of bringing his bride to Madison
to watch the game from the end-zone, hence this $64 ques-
       "My tickets are for section Z. During my four years
     at school, I sat on the ten yard line and was told that
     the 'alumni sat on the fifty'.
       "Now I'm an alumnus, and I'm worse off than ever.
     Who does sit on the fifty? (I don't really expect the
     fifty, just inside the ten yard line)"
   Questions like these show clearly that Badgers look upon
their Alumni Association as a real service organization-a
clearing house for information about the University and
its alumni, as well as items such as those mentioned above.
  With requests like these, life is never dull here at WAA
headquarters. We're happy, of course, that Association mem-
bers feel that we can answer their questions-and hope
the queries don't get tougher than those sent in so far.
Faculty members have been highly cooperative in supply-
ing facts which were not available here at WAA head-
  So-send along your questions. We welcome these oppor-
tunities to make your Wisconsin Alumni Association increas-
ingly helpful as 'a service organization for Wisconsin
                               WISCONSIN ALUMNUS

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