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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 54, Number 10 (May 1953)

Chatterton, Grace
Wisconsin Pre-view,   pp. [20]-21

Page [20]

h school students get inside inmA
   from undergrads and alumni
                               By Grace Chattei
     T WO-THIRDS of America's able young people
        skip college, according to a recent survey,
     chiefly because no one encourages or inspires them
     to go. Many top-notch high school seniors in this
     position -were ably assisted recently in Wisconsin
     Pre-View meetings s p o n s o r e d by Wisconsin
     alumni in 35 communities. The get-togethers gave
     scores of young people an opportunity to get first
     hand information about our great State University
     and all it has to offer them in cultural and voca-
     tional opportunity.
       For weeks prior to spring recess, members of
     a University student committee recruited and
     briefed 100 carefully selected fellow students to
     represent the UW at Pre-View meetings in their
     home towns. They worked with the University
     ,through the President's office. The Wisconsin
     Alumni Association staff contacted Alumni Clubs,
     telling them of their opportunity to help their
     young people. The idea caught fire all over the
       To the Wisconsin Alumni clubs and to individ-
     ual alumni goes the main credit for the success
     of these meetings. Their cooperation in providing
     Wisconsin hospitality in their homes demonstrated
     Badger loyalty to these potential alumni that was

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