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Johnson, Dwight A. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 51, Number 5 (Feb. 1950)

Alumni,   p. 12

Page 12

Premier: Mid-Year Convo
  WITH THE University's 101st
anniversary this year came its first
mid-year convocation for seniors.
The mid-year class that was grad-
uated was also the largest January
class (1,280 seniors, 337 higher
degree candidates) in the Univer-
sity's history.
  Senior class and the administra-
tion had fears the convocation inno-
vation might not prove popular; but
ticket applications soon indicated a
repeat performance in the Memorial
Union's 1,300-seat t h e a t e r was
  "Wild Bill" Kiekhofer, keynote
speaker, was ushered onto the pro-
gram with the appropriate "sky-
rocket" tribute. He challenged both
the graduates and the University
when he exclaimed that "in the com-
ing struggle of ideologies this Uni-
versity will be powerful in building
  Pres. E. B. Fred also told the class
it must do a great deal more than
its share of society's work, if the
American way of life is to be pre-
"Listen-the Campus"
  ON WISCONSIN, "a picture in
sound," the students describe it;
"it's an entirely new  idea," this
three-record album of sounds from
the University of Wisconsin campus
during the 1949-50 year.
   Students Board is behind it, sell-
 ing the album of unbreakable 12-
 inch platters by mail for $6.85 until
 May 1 and $7.35 thereafter (postage
 is included). The autumn record, al-
 ready produced, contains a chrono-
 logical narration of campus events
 which begins with registration week,
 takes in the noise of a pep rally,
 catches the gridiron fans' cheers and
 the radio announcer's description of
 Gene Evans' touchdown run in the
 Minnesota game. Campus Carnival,
 the Ann Emery fire, and various
 other events also are on the record.
   Winter and spring editions are in
 the making. Pro Arte quartet, bas-
 ketball, Union Smorgasbord, Prom,
 Haresfoot, and all the other big
 events are also scheduled for record-
   Orders should be made out to Wis-
 consin Student Association, Memo-
 rial Union, Madison. Albums may be
 sent COD if down payment of $3.25
 ($3.50 after May 1) is made.
Credit and Honor
  IT WAS IN the fall of 1896 that
William Samuel Kies came to the
University of Wisconsin as a fresh-
man. The career which started then
- one which continually brought
credit and honor to himself and his
Urniversity-ended in his death from
a heart attack Wednesday, Feb. 1.
  To the University of Wisconsin
and to its alumni, William S. Kies
was one of the University's greatest
  The head of his own New York
banking firm (W. S. Kies & Co.)
since 1925, he served Wisconsin as
a founder and charter director of
the  Wisconsin  Alumni Research
Foundation   (WARF), a director
and vice-president of the Univer-
sity of Wisconsin Foundation, and
a director of the Wisconsin Alumni
  He was one of the original "Forty-
  Niner" members of the WAA, one of
  those sincere alumni who character-
istically elect to do more than their
share for their University and
alumni organization. He was presi-
dent of University Houses, Inc., the
recent faculty building project of
150 garden apartments financed by
  And it was William S. Kies who
was responsible, 13 years ago, for
the establishment of the special
WAA     "intermediate" membership
for recent graduates. This special
rate brought a greater number of
younger alumni into the Associa-
tion while a higher, balancing "sus-
taining" rate paid by older alumni
kept the WAA from losing money.
   Even as a student, William S.
 Kies brought credit and honor to
 himself and his University. Enter-
 ing the freshman class in 1896, he
 completed the four-year academic
course in three years, was elected to
Phi Beta Kappa honor society, and
went on to finish a three-year legal
course in two years. He added to
these degrees an   honorary, MA
granted him by the University in
  On campus he was business man-
ager of the Daily Cardinal and the
first business manager of the Alumni
Magazine. He was a prominent mem-
ber of the Athenaean Society's de-
bating team and one of the com-
mencement orators of his class.
  After graduating from Law
School, he practiced law in Chicago
until 1913 when he went to New
York to organize the foreign trade
department of the National City
Bank. In the next several years, he
rose to a position of high esteem in
the- investment and banking world.
  Bill Kies liked to recall his cam-
pus days; and though his two sons
chose to go to Eastern schools, he
once said he "always hoped" to have
his boys go to Wisconsin. When Bill,
Jr., was at Yale and pitched the
winning baseball game against Har-
vard, his father wrote, "I would
have been more pleased to have had
a 'W' on his sweater and watched
him play for Wisconsin."
  While Bill, Jr., went to Yale, son
John to Princeton, and daughter
Margaret Kies Gibb to Vassar, Wil-
liam S. Kies yet lived to see a grand-
son go to Wisconsin. Last Septem-
ber William T. Gibb, son of Mar-
garet, enrolled at Madison as a pre-
commerce freshman.
WAA Nominators
   ELECTIONS for members of the
 Alumni Association board of direc-
 tors will take place this year on
 Alumni Day (same as Commence-
 ment Day), Saturday, June 17.
   The nominating committee was
 last month appointed by President
 John H. Sarles and will meet late
 this month to select the candidates.
 Suggestions for candidates may be
 submitted to any committee member
 or to Chairman Leo Roethe, 821 N.
 Main St., Fort Atkinson.
   Following are the names of the
 16 committee members:
   Orvin H. Anderson, Janesville;
 Paul 0. Eckhardt, Jr., New York;
 R. J. Gunther, Racine; Benjamin F.
 Heald, Cincinnati, Ohio; Sydney
 Jacobson, Appleton; Leo Jeselun,
 Kenosha; Robert E. Jones, Detroit,
 Mich.; Joseph Kepple, Minneapolis,
 Minn.; Melvin S. Marshall, Milwau-
 kee; Mrs. V. W. Meloche, Madison;
 Michael W. Meyer, Chicago, Ill.;
 James M Olsen, Wpusau; Robert W.
 Stauff, St. Paul, Minn.; Mrs. H. P.
 Thomsen, Beloit; Mrs. Walter J.
 Vollrath, Sheboygan; Mrs. John E.
 Wenzlaff, Fond du Lac.

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