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Johnson, Dwight A. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 51, Number 5 (Feb. 1950)

Berge, John
Remember when you were a senior and you were looking for a job,   p. 21

Page 21

*~ ~ ~~F~ *  f f4dJ ~  M/Ie /aedi i"dezed/ 4 Mhe -/4aIteu  *
Remember When You Were a Senior
And You Were Looking for a Job?
  mhe iourun elition o tmis prac-
tical booklet is now at the printer.
Copies will be made available to
seniors, free of charge, as soon as
it is off the press. Association
members may also get copies on
the same basis.
  The Association is also working
closely with the placement commit-
tee of the senior class and place-
ment officials of the University.
Association members have partici-
pated in job-finding clinics and in-
stitutes. Since alumni cooperation
is so important in finding job op-
portunities for seniors, here are
three ways in which Association
members can help in this work.
a. Report job opportunities in your
   company or your city to Asso-
   ciation headquarters in the Me-
   morial Union.
   These reports will be relayed to
the proper placement official in the
University. This list of job oppor-
tunities will also be helpful in talk-
ing with seniors who drop into our
office for help in finding a job.
Fourth Edition
b. Give Wisconsin seniors ample opportunity to tell
  their story if and when they come to you or your
  company looking for a job.
  A little help and encouragement means a lot to these
seniors. Some years ago, a prominent alumnus in Chi-
cago sent a memorandum to all department heads in
his organization with this message: "When Wisconsin
scniors come around looking for a job, give them all the
time they need to tell their story. Soon they will be
fellow alumni, so make it clear that you are inter-
ested in helping them in finding a job suited to their
c. Set up placement machinery in your alumni club.
  Every alumni club should have a placement commit-
tee. This committee can be extremely valuable in help-
ing seniors to contact the right people in your city.
For example, if a senior is looking for a job in the
                   insurance field, this committee
                   should be helpful in making the
necessary contacts with men in this
field. If a senior is looking for a
job in the chemical field, this com-
mittee should be helpful in supply-
ing names of prospective employers
in this field.
  Forty-six alumni from thirty-two
cities make up the Placement com-
mittee of the Wisconsin Alumni
-Association-. Their a-ctiviti-es-ar-edi-
rected by an executive committee
made up of four past presidents
of the Association, with Harry A.
Bullis, Chairman of the Board of
General Mills, Inc., as chairman:
  HARRY    A. BULLIS, General
    Mills, Inc., Minneapolis
    Service Co., 507 East Michi-
    gan, Milwaukee
  JOHN S. LORD, Attorney-at-
    Law, 135 South La Salle St.,
    & McLennan, 231 South La
    Salle St., Chicago
  These men are interested in de-
veloping a placement service that
will be helpful to seniors and re-
cent graduates. Their program is
designed to supplement the Uni-
versity placement program-not to
compete with it. Their program is
practical and sound, well-deserving
on the Press       of alumni support.-John Berge
Alumni Association have been reestablished this year
to help members of the senior class find job opportuni-
ties. These activities will be similar to those of pre-
war days when our Association's placement committee
was very helpful in finding jobs for members of the
graduating class.
  For several years, this placement department has
been more or less dormant because jobs were easy to
find. Recently, however, the job picture has changed
considerably. Some companies have already reported
that they will hire fewer seniors than last year. Some
seniors have also reported increasing difficulties in
getting job interviews.
  As the first step in this re-activated program, we
have printed the fourth edition of THE COLLEGE
SENIOR SEEKS A JOB. This 28-page booklet was
written for us by Glenn L. Gardiner, '18, Vice-President
of the Forstmann Woolen -Co., Pas-
saic, New. Jersey. It is based on
his book, How You Can Get a Job,
published by Harper & Brothers.
Glenn is a recognized leader in the
allied fields of industrial manage-
ment and personnel relations. Few
man in America are so well quali-
fied to discuss the problem of how
to apply the principles of intelli-
gent salesmanship to finding a job.

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