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Johnson, Dwight A. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 51, Number 1 (Oct. 1949)

Badger arts,   pp. 17-18

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FREDERICK E. VOLK, new emeritus
professor and emeritus librarian of
the College of Engineering. He is one
of three recently honored.
New Faces
  THE 1949-50 CROP of students
greeted new faculty members here
and there about the campus last
month. The 30 or so aren't very
many when you consider that the
equivalent of 45 teachers was lost
by reducing the part-time graduate
student help. But it will have to do.
  Included in the appointments was
Margery Jean MacLachlan, new di-
rector of the School of Nursing. She
replaces the late Christina C. Mur-
ray and has been superintendent or
director in hospitals in Concord,
N. H., Decatur, Ill., and Chicago.
She will also serve as professor in
the school.
  Also named was Napoleone Orsini
Economics. Visiting Prof. Abbott
P. Usher of Harvard and Lecturer
Louis R. Tripp who has served with
the NLRB and has been labor con-
sultant for several industrial firms.
  History. Visiting Prof. Charles C.
Griffin of Vassar. He is a graduate
of Harvard and Columbia and a na-
tive of Tokyo, Japan.
  Journalism. Assistant Prof. Gra-
ham B. Hovey, former New Repub-
lic assistant editor and INS war
correspondent in Africa, Italy, and
  Law. Assistant Prof. Frank Rem-
ington, 26, a January graduate of
the Badger law school and one-time
editor of the Law Review.
  Medicine. Assistant Prof. Robert
C. Parkin, MD'42, formerly on the
staff of the American Medical As-
  Music education. Prof. Samuel T.
Burns, departmental chairman at
Oberlin college, Ohio.
  Pharmacology. Assistant    Prof.
Ray E. Green, 34, recently with the
army chemical center in Maryland.
He is a graduate of Wisconsin.
  Pharmacy. Associate Prof. Melvin
W. Green, director of the American
Pharmaceutical association labora-
tories since 1947, and Assistant
Prof. Wm. 0. Foye, 25, research
chemist for duPont and graduate of
Dartmouth and Indiana.
  Physics. Assistant Prof. John L.
Powell, University of Chicago nu-
clear physicist who got his PhD at
Wisconsin in 1948.
  Plant pathology. Assistant Prof.
Curt C. Leben, 31, researcher at
On the Campus Stage
  PLAYWRIGHTS of America,
Great Britain, Hungary, and Nor-
way will be represented in the Mem-
orial Union's little theater by the
1 a k e during Wisconsin  Players'
1949-50 season.
  The plays are "The Devil's Dis-
ciple" by George Bernard Shaw,
"A w a k e and Sing" by Clifford
Odets, "The Swan" by Ferenc Mol-
nar, "Peer Gynt' by Henrik Ibsen,
and three one-acts which will be
presented together. The one-acts
are "The Telephone" by Gian-Carlo
Menotti, "Still Life" by Noel Coward,
and "Soul of a Professor" by Martin
  Summer Players' b i ll included
"Antigone" by Jean Anouilh, Philip
Barry's comedy, "The Philadelphia
Story," and a solo reading of "Anne
6f the 1000 Days," Maxwell Ander-
son's new historical drama about
Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. The
reading was by Maud Sheerer, who
has been a Players attraction the
past five summers.
Artists" Harvest
  SUMMER must be the artist's
harvest time. Anyway, 20 University
alumni, students, and faculty mem-
bers were represented by their art
works in five state and national ex-
hibits during July and August. Sev-
eral placed in three and four of the
  Biggest representation was by 12
artists in Milwaukee's Gimbel store
collection, "Wisconsin the P 1 a y -
as professor of comparative litera-
ture replacing Philo M. Buck, re-
tired. Orsini, 45, was born in Parma,
Italy, and received his PhD from the
University of Rome. One of Italy's
outstanding authors, he was deco-
rated by the US Army in 1945 for
helping to organize a university for
GIs in Florence.
  The 27 other appointments follow,
listed according to department:
  Botany. Assistant Profs. Eldon H.
Newcomb, 30, Wisconsin PhD of last
August and formerly a research
council fellow; Grant Cottam, 30, as-
sistant professor of botany at the
University of Hawaii,; Badger PhDs
of 1948, Gerald C. Gerloff, 29, previ-
ously a project associate in the de-
partment, and Philip B. Whitford,
assistant in Maryland's department
of research and education.
  Chemistry. Assistant       Prof.
Charles F. Curtiss, 28, associate at
the Allegheny Ballistics laboratory
and the University of Minnesota.
  Commerce. Prof. J. Howard West-
ing, University of Michigan. He is
a former assistant director in the
01-A and in 1944 was associated
with the food allocations division of
the foreign economic administration.
  Political science. Assistant Prof.
Ralph K. Huitt, 36, University of
Texas PhD and instructor.
  Psychology. Assistant Prof. Paul
H. Mussen, 27, August PhD from
  Student personnel. Assistant di-
rector and assistant professor at the
Milwaukee extension, Lawrence P.
Blum, recently of Michigan State.
  ROTC. Commandant, Col. Winfred
G. Skelton, a regular army officer
since 1919 and World War II briga-
dier general; and   Naval ROTC
"skipper," Capt. Robert E. -Blue,
1922 Annapolis graduate and sub-
marine veteran of World War II.
Also with the Army ROTC is a
former College of Agriculture staff
man, Lieut. Col. John M. Fargo of
the air force.
  Zoology. Prof. Hans Ris, 35, a
native of Switzerland   and  1938
graduate of the University of Bern.
He has been with the Rockefeller
institute since 1944. Also Assistant
Profs. Lemual A. Fraser, 30, Uni-
versity of Texas assistant professor,
and Sol Kramer, entomologist at the
University of Cambridge, England.
1948 Wisconsin Centennial art col-
lection at the State Fair in August.
The other shows were "Art Schools,
USA, 1949" hung in the Addison
Gallery of American Art exhibition
at Andover, Mass., the Old North-
west Territory show in Springfield,
Ill., the Denver Art museum's 55th
annual exhibition of artists west of
the Mississippi, and the official Wis-
consin State Fair exhibition.
  Santos Zingale, University   art
instructor, took the $600 first prize
in the Gimbel contest and received
$300 extra for the purchase of his
painting, "Play Things in    Show
Window" (See picture). Equal pur-
chase awards were given to Aaron
Bohrod, University artist in resi-
dence; Marshall Glasier, '27, Mad-
ison; Alfred Sessler, University art
professor; John Wilde, art educa-
tion instructor; and Dean Meeker,
another instructor, for his third-
prize winning "Back Stage."
  Fifty-dollar honorable mentions
were taken by six other painters
who are or were connected with the
  The collection, picked from 233
entries, is designed to carry the

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