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Johnson, Dwight A. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 51, Number 1 (Oct. 1949)

Wagner, Mort
'49 -- a class of 'firsts',   p. 8

Page 8

A Badger Centennial Class ...
New Council Organization ...
Summer-Grad Announcements
Wisconsin's Biggest Class...
                              Says WAA Director Mort Wagner
can be proud of belonging to a class
abounding in "firsts" at the Uni-
versity of Wisconsin.
  Up to now, many of these "firsts"
have been ours through pure chance.
We have been lucky to bask in the
glory of a centennial year-we have
been unlucky, perhaps, to be stu-
dents in an age of mass production.
Our penalties have been crowded
classroom and living conditions, and
the impossibility of that desired per-
sonal contact with many instructors
and associates. Nevertheless, we ap-
pear to be holding our own.
  The point is that up to now it has
been chance and circumstance. From
now on, it will be careful planning.
  As .these uncertain days lengthen
into years, each of us will turn more
and   more to   our alma   mater.
Whether we turn for help or to give
help is not the question. Thousands
before us proved that our memories
and our future actions will, to some
extent, revolve around the Univer-
sity of Wisconsin.
  Even those of us who are the most
callous and worldly will yearn at
some time for a walk around the
campus or for a football game.
Realization of these desires will not
be brought about through chance
but through careful organization
and cooperation. And this class has
both of these invaluable character-
  We have accomplished another
"first." This one, a result of pur-
poseful and farsighted planning.
  A 1949 Class Council has been or-
ganized to carry out the desires of
classmates. It is a group of hard-
working men and women represent-
ing the major academic units of the
entire class. These people are pre-
pared to answer questions concern-
ing reunion plans, Alumni Associa-
tion membership, and the like.
  Unfortunately, academic repre-
sentation is incomplete at this time.
If you are interested, contact any
one of the council members. You are
needed and wanted.
  There is in this council a potential
which no other class has ever had.
Through the council breakdown each
member will be able to contact stu-
dents within a separate major field.
Reunion plans will be formulated
with  this in mind. Apart from
scheduled reunions, classmates are
urged to contact council members
for assistance  in  planning get-
togethers with colleagues.
  When you pass through the home
towns of council members call them
up for an informal '49 get-together.
Keep the council flooded with sug-
gestions and keep it posted on hap-
pening-s in your life. The success of
reunions and other projects will de-
pend upon your lifetime cooperation.
  We may be proud of other "firsts"
our classmates have accomplished.
This summer the Senior Council
made commencement announcements
available to August graduates. This,
incidentally, swelled our class fund
and was another step in building
solid alumni relations. At present,
the Class Council and the Alumni
Association are strenuously working
for more formal recognition of "off-
June" graduates.
  We of the Class of '49 are rapidly
becoming  settled citizens of the
world, contributing our training and
knowledge to endeavors old and new.
  Once again, we are going through
a period of adjustment. This is per-
hans the greatest orientation we
have yet to experience. For many of
us it will be the last. For some, it is
only a continuation of periodic flux.
For all of us it is a time to wateh
and to work, a time to be wise and
  The University's first century has
truly been one of the "firsts" and it
has been completed in proud fashion.
We, the '49ers, capped that first cen-
tury enviably. We now have the
chance to pioneer the second.
                    1949 CLASS COUNCIL
     CLASS DIRECTOR-Morton J. Wagner, 260 Langdon St.,
             Apt. 24, Madison, Wis. Telephone 6-7159
Commerce School
  Merlyn "Doe" Rue, 411 Linden St., Fond du Lac, Wis.
  Bob Mandel, 4720 N. Lake Drive, Milwaukee, Wis.
Agricultural College
  David Dunwiddie, Route 3,
  Margaret Haas (Home Ec)
Whitewater, Wis.
, 1918 Forest St., Wauwatosa, Wis.
Engineering College
  Warren Armstrong, 907 Richmond St., Joliet, Ill.
  Paul Been, 2421 N. 94th St., Wauwatosa, Wis.
Letters and Science
  Tom Fox (International Trade), 1426 College Ave., Racine, Wis.
  John Mathews (Political Science), 2234 Eton Ridge, Madison, Wis.
  Siddney Mercer (Political Science), 933 S. 4th St., Aurora, Ill.
  Bob Williams (Journalism), Box 93, Neenah, Wis.
  Bill Calkins (Economics), 1744 Park Ave., Racine, Wis.
  Sue Steenberg (Psychology), 4344 Hillcrest Circle, Madison, Wis.
  (Foreign Student Rep.), Gifford 4731-J, Madison, Wis.

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