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Schoenfeld, Clay (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 50, Number 10 (July 1949)

Aspinwall, William H.
No end to end-zone blues,   pp. 46-[47

Page 46

* WILLIAM H. ASPINWALL, '29, Business Manager of the UW Athletic Department,
the lowdown on alumni seatingc at Camp Randall Stadium this fall, on ticket
and on procedure to be followed in filling orders.
   LOOKING forward to our 1949 Football
season and the increased ticket problem, I
would like to explain our procedure in order
that you may better understand the ticket
situation at Camp Randall Stadium.
  The Stadium plan above gives you the seat-
ing assignments for the various groups
which are to be taken into account in allocat-
ing seats for Football. There are approxi-
mately 18,000 seats between the goal lines.
The expected addition to the Stadium has not as
yet been approved and the problem of seating which
we have had during the past year has not been
alleviated. Students are assigned seats on a lottery
basis within seniority groups while Faculty and
Employees are assigned seats on a mail order lot-
tery basis. From the total side seats, squads, "W"
men, Regents, press, Legislature, and Staff are
given assignments.
  Application blanks are mailed in early July to
members of the Alumni Association, "W" men and
general public.
  As has been explained previously, past season
ticket holders are given preference in seat assign-
ments. It has been the policy of the Department to
return season ticket holders to their original loca-
tion or to improve the seats if the order is placed
each year. Alumni Association members are urged
to mail in their applications by August 1 in order
to insure preference. Season ticket orders from this
group are handled first, followed by other new pur-
chasers of the season ticket. After all season tickets
are filled individual tickets are handled with prefer-
ence again going to "W" men and Alumni Associa-
tion members.
  The recent change in Conference rule, regarding
the number to be assigned visiting teams, has opened
up a few seats for Alumni Association members
who order tickets for an individual game, but the
number between goal lines is still very limited.
  In ordering tickets for an individual game it is
advisable to specify "best available" since if you
specify "West Side" or "East Side" the ticket office
will fill your request in that area even though better
seats are available on the other side. You can
readily see in examining the Stadium lay-out above
that if season sales continue as they did in 1948
there will be a very limited number of seats with
which to fill individual orders.
"Dear Editor: It strikes me that this year's football ticket situation
is the worst in the Uni,
sity's history. As a devoted alumnus and a former member of the freshman
cross country sqi
I don't see why something . . ."--From the Harvard Alumni Bulletin's
50th Anniversary Issue, No
ber 6, 1948. Drawn by David G. Braaten, Harvard, '46. Copyright by Harvard
Bulletin Inc. and repri
through the courtesy of William Bentinck-Smith, editor.

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