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Schoenfeld, Clay (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 49, Number 9 (June 1948)

With the clubs,   p. 39

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Badgers Speed Up
Activities as UW
Centennial Nears
   CLUBS ALL OVER the coun-
try are reporting varied activities
that are going on with renewed
interest due to the advent of the
University's Centennial.
   The Alumni club of Fox River
Valley threw a party for Hares-
footers last April 20 following
their show at the Appleton Senior
High School. Taking place in the
Crystal Room of the C o n w a y
Hotel, it was the second such
occasion for the "traveling beauties"
in two years.
Officers in the newly-organized Bur-
lington club were elected recently: John
R. Wilson, '42, president; Benjamin W.
Saunders, '23, vice-president; Mrs. Har-
vey R. Wereley, '22, secretary-treas-
urer. Plans made for a dinner meeting
October 5 at the Colonial Club, Brown's
  Badgers in the St. Louis area had a
full day last April 10, with noon lun-
cheon at Lee Hall on the Washington
University c a m p u s, a doubleheader
baseball game between Wisconsin and
Washington on Liggett F i e l d that
afternoon, and a reception for the team
at the campus YMCA-YWCA after the
  An organizational meeting of Wau-
paca County Badgers interested in
forming  a Wisconsin Alumni Club
there was held at the Hotel Marston in
Clintonville last April 1.
  The Beloit club elected its officers
last April 8: Arthur L. Luebke, '42,
president; E. W. Howard, vice-presi-
dent; Mrs. Frederick Nordlie, '43, sec-
  Nineteen alumni associated with the
University of Idaho at Mloscow met for
a pot luck supper March 20 at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Lampman, '21.
Following that, they drove to Pullman
to see the Wisconsin-Washington State
boxing match.
  The Schenectady, N. Y. Club recently
elected J. M. Lagergren, '40, president.
Other officers chosen were M. J. Mar-
tin, '27, vice-president; H. H. Hutchin-
son, '44, secretary; and L. J. Kuen,
Treasurer. The club is planning a
schedule of monthly noon luncheons
  Badgers in Washington, D. C. have
elected the following officers: Robert
W. Davis, '21, president; Verne C.
Bonesteel, '12, vice-president; Mrs. Wil-
liam Haight, '39, secretary; Alexander
Wiley, '07, assistant secretary; Mrs.
John Byrnes, '10, treasurer. Chairman
of the Board is George E. Worthington,
'10. The club held a noon luncheon April
27 in the Family Dining Room of the
U. S. Senate, with Professor Hirsch-
felder of the UW as guest speaker.
Senator Wiley handled arrangements.
  At St. Julian's, San Francisco alumni
heard Dr. Llewellyn Cole of the UW
last April 21. The day before they
heard Charles M. Romanowitz, noted
civil engineer, who spoke on the pro-
posed dredging of a new sea-level
Panama Canal-for which his company
holds a contract. Occasion was a Big
Ten luncheon in the Palace Hotel.
  Colonel Thad Sears of the Veterans'
Hospital at Fort Logan, Co lo r a d o,
spoke to assembled Badgers last April
27 on the campus of the Colorado
Woman's College. His subject was "The
Atomic Bomb".
  Herbert V. Prochnow, '21, vice-presi-
dent of the First National Bank of
Chicago and director of the UW School
of Banking, spoke to the Chicago
Alumni Club at the Central YMCA last
April 16. He told how the University's
banking education program expanded
from a group of 47 students in 1945
to over 430, plus waiting list, for the
August 1948 session. Its students came
from 26 states and about 85 per cent
of them were bank officers, many presi-
dents and owners. Now in its fourth
year the School of Banking leads the
field in this country. Mr. Prochnow is
a noted author, public speaker, and
  Other recent activities of the Chicago
club included attending in a group the
Haresfoot performance in the Eighth
Street Theater in Chicago last April
22. On May 8 the club played host to
the UW Men's Chorus at the North
Shore Hotel in Evanston. More than
250 members were present at the dinner
and concert program afterwards.
  Pres. E. B. Fred of the University
and Justice Elmer E. Barlow, '09, of
the Wisconsin Supreme Court, were the
main speakers at a Centennial preview
dinner held in Eau Claire last April 6.
Sponsored by the Wisconsin Alumni
Ciub of Eau Claire and the University
of Wisconsin Foundation, the meeting
was held at 6 p.m. in the Christ Church
parish house. It was President Fred's
first visit to Eau Claire.
  Merrill R. Farr, '29, Eau   Claire
county judge, acted as master of cere-
monies, James Riley, '41, a local attor-
ney and president of the club, presided
and introduced President Fred. Justice
Barlow was introduced by Bailey Rams-
dell, '12, chairman of the Foundation
in Eau Claire County.
Law School Alumni Honor
Classes of 1908 and 1923
  Alumni of the University of Wis-
consin Law School held a reunion on
campus May 8 and 9, with luncheons
and banquets, round-table discussions,
forums, and a picnic at Burrows Park.
At all festive events special tables were
set up for the classes of 1923 and 1908,
who were celebrating their 25th and
40th anniversaries respectively.
  Shop-talk in groups and forums re-
volved around the Taft-Hartley law,
the process of abstracting judical pro-
ceedings, Wisconsin corporation stat-
utes, and automobile accident cases. At
a special luncheon in the Crystal Ball-
room in the Loraine Hotel Pres. E. B.
Fred presented a special citation from
the University to Frank T. Boesel,
emeritus lecturer in law.
Ed Gibson Succeeds
Wally Mehl as New
WAA Field Secretary
        ED H. GIBSON, '31
  EFFECTIVE May 1, Edward H.
Gibson, 609 S. Shore Drive, Madison,
was appointed field secretary of the
Wisconsin Alumni Association to suc-
ceed Walter J. Mehl, '40, who resigned
to become assistant to the associate
dean of the UW College of Letters and
Science. Mr. Mehl had been with the
Association since last September.
  The new field secretary is a former
coach and athletic director- at Janes-
ville, salesman for the National Cash
Register Co., and state chief of train-
ing for the War Manpower Commission.
He is a veteran of World War I.
  Mr. Gibson, 49, a native of Jefferson,
Iowa, attended the University with the
class of 1923 and was granted a BS
degree in 1931. As an undergraduate
he starred in football and participated
in swimming, track, student govern-
ment, and YMCA work. He is a mem-
ber of Alpha Gamma Rho and Sigma
Delta Psi.
  "Our new man will help step up
alumni club activities and continue the
upsurge in Association membership and
projects," Walter Frautschi, '24, Mad-
ison, president of the Association, an-
  Mrs. Gibson is the former Katherine
Nienaber, '19, Madison. A son, Edward
G., is a sophomore in the University.
  In welcoming Gibson to the staff,
John Berge, '22, executive secretary of
the Association, pointed out that "the
Wisconsin Alumni Association has in-
creased ;ts membership 540 per cent in
the last 10 years, is now one of the
largest organizations of its kind in the
country. Ed will help us be of increas-
ing service both to our members and
to the University."
  Gibson, as field  secretary, is in
charge of alumni club work throughout
the state and nation. There are more
than 70 alumni clubs affiliated with the
Association, and Gibson will work with
them as they "promote by organized
effort the best interests of the Uni-
versity," according to the motto of the
Association. His office is in the Mem-
orial Union on the campus.

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