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Schoenfeld, Clay (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 49, Number 9 (June 1948)

"Look out for that scaffold",   p. 38

Page 38

&Vm*dew                                e elala           4 Me Aaeaeudd.
        "Look Out for
   LADDERS AND SCAFFOLDS are all over the
 Memorial Union these days. Inside and out-from
 the Rathskellar to Top Flight-ladders and scaf-
 folds are very much in evidence.
   At first glance it looks like spring house-clean-
 ing, but it's a lot more than that. Actually, the
 Union is getting ready for University Centennial
 activities which start shortly and continue through-
 out the academic year of 1948-49. Decorators are
 giving the Union a "new dress". Ceilings in meet-
 ing rooms are being covered with acoustic tile.
 Some of the rooms are being remodeled to provide
 more space for offices and meeting rooms. Instead
 of adding more verandas, a la Harry Truman, the
 Union is turning some of its veranda space into
 offices. In short, the Union is getting all set to
 take care of the thousands of alumni who will
 flock to the Campus this coming year to share in
 the celebration of our University's hundredth an-
 The Union, of course, is not alone in this pre-
 paratory work. Faculty, regents, students, and
 alumni are all working on plans and projects for
 Wisconsin's Centennial Year.
 University Centennial Committee
 After three, years of concentrated effort, this
 committee has developed four main projects that
 will run continuously from September, 1948, to
 June, 1949: academic symposia, fine arts, memorial
 events, and special celebrations.
 "These academic conferences, conventions, and
 symposia will be the heart of our Centennial activ-
 ities," says Prof. Kiekhofer. "We want the Centen-
 nial to be the occasion for a fundamental contribu-
 tion to American higher education in general, and
 the University of Wisconsin in particular."
 Hundreds of hours of hard work and planning
 have- already gone into these projects. If you ever
 had a notion that "Wild Bill" worked you too hard
 in Econ. 1A, you ought to be a member of his Cen-
 tennial Committee. Those 'of us who are, seri-
 ously considering the possibility of changing his
 name to "Simon Legree" Kiekhofer. On the other
 hand, we're also ready to give him a citation for
 outstanding leadership in planning the University's
 Foundation Fund Campaign
 Good planning and hard work are getting results
 in the University of Wisconsin's campaign to raise
 $5,000,000 as a part of Wisconsin's Centennial.
 General Chairman Herbert V. Kohler and his as-
 sociates are cashing in on the spade-work they did
 last year, especially in Wisconsin.
 Mr. Kohler needs your help and mine to make
this campaign successful. Here at Association head-
quarters we are supporting his campaign in every
possible way. Recently, for example, we mailed out
fifty thousand copies of our Cardinal Communique
That Scaffold"
to give alumni first-hand information about the
University of Wisconsin Foundation. We know how
much this campaign means to our University.
Alumni Records Office
   Eighty thousand information blanks were mailed
 out last month to bring addresses in the Alumni
 Records Office up to date. During the Centennial
 Year, the University will send out valuable in-
 formation about University and Centennial activ-
 ities-information that will be important to you
 and your fellow Badgers. You'll miss thý informa-
 tion if the Records Office doesn't have your correct
 address. To help you in getting the mail and news
 you are entitled to get, the Alumni Records Office
 has sent out this appeal for your correct address.
 If you haven't reported your present address,
 please send it to the Alumni Records Office,
 Memorial Union, Madison.
 Alumni Clubs
 Ben Heald, Regional Governor for District 3, has
 just sent out a letter to alumni clubs in his area
 on "The Double Feature of 1948: 100th Anniver-
 sary of the University of Wisconsin and the Wis-
 consin-Illinois game on October 2." Ben is promot-
 ing a special train to Madison for alumni in his
 district. Many other clubs are also working on
 special plans for our Centennial. year-Foundation
 meetings, forums, Founders' Day meetings, etc.
 Golden Jubilee Issue
 In October our magazine will be 50 years old
 and plans are under way for celebrating this im-
 portant event. Editor Schoenfield is working on a
 Golden Jubilee Issue for next October. A fiftieth
 anniversary dinner is scheduled for October 15-
 the week-end of the Wisconsin-Yale game. Big-
 shot editors and publishers will be in Madison to
 help celebrate this anniversary.
 Plans also are under way to enlarge the Wiscon-
 sin Alumnus to give complete news coverage on
 all Centennial activities during the coming year.
 Centennial Directory
 A Centennial Directory of all members of the
 Wisconsin Alumni Association will be published in
 1949. This will be the largest Association directory
 ever published, because our membership now is the
 highest in Association history, and g r o w i n g
 steadily. New members are cashing in on the spe-
 cial Centennial membership which starts in June
 and continues throughout the Centennial year to
 give members complete news coverage of all Cen-
 tennial events.
 Many other Association activities, of course, are
 also underway. Alumni everywhere want to share
 in this Centennial and Association activities are
being planned to provide this participation.-JOHN

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