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Schoenfeld, Clay (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 49, Number 8 (May 1948)

With the clubs,   p. 21

Page 21

*         Me C                       At the Fort Atkinson Founders Day Dinner
Four Alumni Clubs
Report on Elections,
Dinners, and Programs
from Baltimore to Minneapolis
have sent reports of recent elec-
tions, dinners, and socials to the
Association offices.
  In   Washington, D. C., 140
Badgers held their annual meet-
ing on March 15 to hear their club
president, George E. Worthing-
ton, '10, speak on the topic "The
New Japan"-from, which he had
recently returned. Distinguished
guests present included Secretary of
the Interior Julius Krug, '29, Supreme
Court Justice Wiley Rutledge, '14,
Senators Alexander Wiley, '07, and
Wayne Morse, '23, and Congressmen
Glenn R. Davis, '40, William     H.
Stevenson, '19, and Joseph R. Farring-
ton, '19.
  The following directors were elected:
  Robert W. Davis, '21, Isadore G.
AIK, "h1, anda virs. W iliamIIa nlt-g
(Polly Coles), '39, for one year; Alex- SIX BADGERS at the Fort Atkinson
Founders Day dinner paused during the
ander Wiley, '07, Robert M. LaFollette, evening's festivities to pose for
posterity. Left to right (standing) are W. D.
Jr., '19, and Mrs. John W. Byrnes Hoard, Jr., '21, president of the Wisconsin
Alumni Association in 1945-46, who was
(Barbara Preston), '41, for two years; honored that evening for his alumni
work; Leroy Luberg, PhM'36, assistant to
and Verne Bonesteel, '12, George E. President Fred of the University and
featured speaker of the evening: Basil L
Worthington, '10, and Edward Stodola, Peterson, '12, executive secretary
of the University of Wisconsin Foundation and
'2R_ rnr thrp. years.               va   _;, in btt ehrlf_. (!1tiv Sh-htnf#1
Al_ " *1.  .~dlt  *k; W.-l~Qpn,,Q.n , l,,rnn,,w arniI
  A delegation of more than 30 from  executive secretary of the University
Centennial, who represented the Alumni
the Baltimore Alumni Club was present Association at the dinner; Leo Roethe,
'37, newly-elected president of the Ft.
at the meeting.                      Atkinson Club; and (seated) Charles
Rogers, '93, past president (1915-16) of the
  Looking back over the current year, Wisconsin Alumni Association, who was
also honored for outstanding work among
the Baltimore Club reports three well- alumni for the University.
attended meetings, two "very success-
ful" picnics, and the Founders Day
dinner last Feb. 5. To replace two re- California    Badgers Hold       
 Big   Ten    Dinner
tiring  e        _0eoar"      Direc-
tors, irs. h1. . iennara hlviary Cue
Neiberger), '21, and Mrs. A. J. Stiemke
(Adele Hoffman), '21, the club has
elected E. E. Oberland, '33, and John
Simpson, '34. New club officers elected
by the board were C. E. Hessler, '41,
president; Robert W. Black, '24, vice-
president; E. E. Oberland, '33, secre-
tary; and K. 0. Ehrgott, '16, treasurer.
  The Wisconsin Alumnae Club of
Minneapolis convened at the home of
Mrs. Walter Mengel last March 10 to
hear Dr. Anna Arnold, '19, who spoke
on her recent travels in England, Scot-
land, and Ireland, illustrating her re-
marks with colored slides.
  April 26 marked the Founders Day
dinner of the Oshkosh Club.
SEVENTY BADGERS ATTENDED a Big Ten Dinner in the Hotel Claremont, San
Francisco. last Feb. 19. The event was sponsored by, the Wisconsin Alumni
of Northern California and pictured here are the. officers of the club and
in the evening's program: (left to right, standing) J. A. Skogstrom. '26,
president: Frank V. Cornish, '96, secretary: James Femrite, '43, president;
Hamilton, Director of Athletics at the University of California; Pat O'Dea,
manager of the club's program: Lynn Waldorf, University of California football
coach: Anthony O'Brien, '28. toastmaster and former Madison attorney; (left
right, seated) Mrs. James Femrite (Elizabeth Hunter), '37; Rose Schuster
Taylor, '85;
Mrs. J. A. Skogstrom '(Elenore Crowley), x'24.
There's a dire shortage of
file copies of the February,
1945, issue of the Wisconsin
Alumnus. That's Volume 46,
No. 5. If you come across it
and can spare it-please mail
to the Wisconsin Alumni Asso-
ciation, 770 Langdon St., Madi-
son 6, Wis.

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