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Schoenfeld, Clay (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 49, Number 8 (May 1948)

Seniors join famous grads,   p. 5

Page 5

        * "YOU MAY FIND Wisconsin... when you walk in cap and gown to
receive your
        passport into a new and larger life."
June will join the ranks of Wis-
consin's alumni now numbering
137,000 plus. (The figure includes
former students as well as re-
cipients of the 71,833 degrees
granted as of January 1, 1948.)
   Of these 137,000, more than
600 have attained national and
Senatio narpromm ence-During
   the war there were seven of gen-
   eral's rank in the Army and a
   rear admiral in the Navy. There
   are also many college presidents
   among the alumni. Frederick R. Hamil-
   ton, '06, heads Bradley Polytechnic In-
   stitute at Peoria, Ill.; Alexander C.
   Roberts, '06, is former president of the
   State Teachers' College at San Fran-
   cisco; Herman B. Wells, '27, heads In-
   diana University; and W. 0. Hotch-
   kiss, '03, is president emeritus of
   Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute at
   Troy, N.Y. Guy S. Ford, '95, retired
   after many years as president of the
   University of Minnesota to become
   managing editor of the American His-
   torical Assn. in Washington, D. C.
      Enough famous proftessors to stock
    a super college are on the rolls. Most
    outstanding are Herbert E. Bolton, '95,
    head of the University of California's
    history department; Ira B. Cross, '95,
    professor of economics at the same
    school; Howard M. Jones, '14, dean of
    Harvard's graduate school; Kenneth E.
    Olson, '20,, dean of the Medill School
    of Journalism, Northwestern Univer-
    sity; Harry L. Russell, '88, former dean
    of the Wisconsin College of Agriculture
    and now director of the Wisconsin
    Alumni Research Foundation; Arnold
Gesell, '03, head of the Yale Clinic of president of the Bordon Co.; Robert
Child Development; Herbert S. Gasser, Lea, '07, president of Johns-Manville
'10, director of the Rockefeller Institute Corp.; Carroll .O. Bickelhaupt,
'11, vice-
for Medical Research; and Arthur Hale president and secretary of AT &
Curtis, '02, head of Northwestern's de- (director of communications in Euro-
partment of gynecology.              pean Theater as Brigadier General
  Statesmen: Julius A Krug, '29, Sec- during the war); Michael F. Cudahy,
  retary of the Interior; Philip F. La- '09, president of Cudahy Brothers
  Follette, '19, three times governor of James R. Hobbins, '01, president
of the
  Wisconsin; Ro b e r t LaFollette, '19, Anaconda Copper Mining Co.; Robert
  former US senator from  Wisconsin; J. Kleberg, Jr., '18, president of King
AXleanderley,'071, - USenator from   Ranch, Inc.; Paul D. Merica, '08, presi-
Wisconsin; Wayne L Morse, '23, US    dent of the International Nice Co.;
senator from Oregon; Joseph Davies, Philip D. Reed, '21, chairman of the
'98, former ambassador to Belgium, board of General Electric CO. (former
Russia, and England; Stanley K. Horn- lend-lease administrator in England);
beck, '11, former chief of the Division  and Charles Dollard, '28, vice-president
of Far Eastern Affairs and ambas- of the Carnegie Corp.
sador to the Netherlands; Oscar Renne-
bohm, '11, governor of Wisconsin; Al-  Pulitzer-prize winners are Marjorie
                       1,giconsue gn- Kinnan Rawlinos, '18, author of The
 fred Will Klieforth, '13, consulate gen- Yearling, and Esther Forbes, '18
 eral at Halifax; Walter S. Isenberg, wrote Paul Revere and the World He
 Jr., '40, consulate general at Istanbul; Lived In. August Derleth, '30,
is a pro-
 Joseph Farrington, '19, delegate from  lific Wisconsin writer. Other prominent
 the territory of Hawaii to the US   authors are Emily Hahn, '26 and Mark
 House of Representatives; Katherine
 Lenroot, '12, director of the children's Shorer, '29.
 bureau, US   Department of Labor;     Among Wisconsin's famous engineers
 Arthur Altmeyer, '14, chairman of the are John L. Savage, '03, designing
 Social Security Board; and Associate neer of all projects which the Bureau
 Justice Wiley B. Rutledge, '14, of the of Reclamations has undertaken since
 US Supreme Court.                   1924; and Clifford E. Gett, '13, engi-
  Badger business executives include
David A. Crawford, '05, president of
the Pullman Co.; Roy E. Tomlinson,
'01, president of the National Biscuit
Co.; Harry A. Bullis, '17, chairman of
the board of General Mills, Inc.; Austin
S. Igleheart, '12, president of General
Foods Corp.; Roy C. Muir, '05, first
vice-president of General Electric Co.;
Stanley C. Allyn, '14, president of the
National Cash Register Co.; C. Guy
Suits, '27, vice-president of General
Electric in charge of their research
laboratories; Theodore Montague, '21,
,neer on thae Monat, lunnel, longest in,
this country, and the Owyhee Dam,
highest in the world.
  Wisconsin also numbers among her
alumni the noted architect Frank Lloyd
Wright, '89, the famous sculptor Alice
Littig Siems, '19, and noted authority
on natural dancing, Margaret H'Doub-
ler, '20. The UW has given the stage,
screen, and radio Fredric March, '20;
Don Ameche, '31; Playwright Victor
Wolfson, '31; Uta Hagen, '40; Tom
Ewell, '33; Victor Perrin, '40, and
Bernadine Flynn, "23.

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