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Schoenfeld, Clay (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 49, Number 8 (May 1948)

Frautschi, Walter
A message from our president,   p. 17

Page 17

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  ""... Our loyalty should
  be galvanized into a
  more positive attitude.
      We must individually
   recognize the obligation
   we owe our Alma
   WITH GOOD reason these an-
niversary days, a I u m n i and
   consin are lauding the benefits to
   mankind which have a c c r u e d
   from the researches of the Uni-
   versity's scientists and scholars.
   They are pridefully talking of the
   wholesome impact upon the life
   of our state and nation made by
   more than 70,000 graduates of
   this institution whose cultural
   values, moral convictions, and
   readiness for service were largely
   developed and enriched here.
     But it is not primarily the
   glories of our past that deserve
   our attention if we are to be true
   to our guiding light of "On Wis-
   consin." As we make ready to
   cross the threshold of our second
   century we must be sure that we
   dedicate ourselves to progress in
   the future in a manner deserving
0ofour heritag
     At Wisconsin our conviction is
   to neither perpetuate nor dis-
   regard the creations of the past
   but rather to assimilate them into
   our consciousness for analysis by
   open minds, eager to follow truth
   no matter where academic inves-
   tigations may lead.
     Beyond that, there has been
   originated and developed at this
   University a unique idea of use-
   fulness frequently called the Wis-
   consin Idea. Best defined as a pro-
   gram of "service to the people",
   this conception has resulted in
   myriad services not ordinarily
   considered to be the function of an
   institution commonly thought of as a
   place for teaching post-high school
     Our basic economy as a dairy state,
   for instance, grew out of studies and
   recommendations of University men
   worried about the dwindling returns
   from small grain farming in this
   region. One recent discovery by our
   agricultural researchers brought in-
   creased profits in one year to Wisconsin
   farmers in an amount sufficient to pay
   for the entire physical plant of the
College of Agriculture-both land and
  Now we must be certain that we do
not-in this state--distort this brilliant
conception of "service to the people"
into a feeling on the part of our citi-
zens and alumni that they in turn have
no responsibilities. The Wisconsin Idea
program requires-and deserves-wide-
spread popular support.
  As a state university, Wisconsin
receives a substantial part of its income
from tax monies appropriated by. the
State Legislatur6. Yet it is clear that
the Wisconsin Idea of service will
suffer seriously from malnutrition un-
less outside aid comes to the rescue.
During the time that I have been presi-
dent of the Wisconsin Alumni Associa-
tion, I have been pleased at the number
of alumni who recognize that they have
a responsibility in this direction. We
Wisconsin men and women do have a
sort of deep and quiet appreciation for
our University, but our loyalty should
be galvanized into a more positive atti-
tude whereby each of us confidently
stamps himself a Wisconsin man or a
Wisconsin woman-and is proud of it.
  One step we can take this year to
lend conviction to our pride is to give
unstinting support-with time and with
money-to the University of Wisconsin
Foundation which is now seeking a
minimum of $5,000,000 to further pro-
ductive scholarship and better service
facilities on the campus. The inspiring
leadership of Herbert V. Kohler, gen-
eral chairman of the campaign, is a
challenge to all alumni, for certainly
we must be among the first and most
generous with our help.
  It is my profound hope for this year
that we will all renew our proud faith
in our Alma Mater and that we will
individually recognize the obligation we
owe her.

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