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Schoenfeld, Clay (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 49, Number 8 (May 1948)

Fred, Edwin Broun
President Fred pays tribute,   p. 3

Page 3

* EDWIN BROUN FRED, 12th president of the University of Wisconsin,
has declared: "The Alumni Association was created with an eye to
the future of the
most aim."
University and that future has always been its fore-
P'                                                     do~ P~
0vol L
  I WOULD LIKE to say a word
about Wisconsin's loyal Alumni.
For a university is not only its
faculty, its students, and its phy-
sical equipment. Its spirit is the
spirit of its alumni and friends-
the men and women who have
used the knowledge and expe-
rience they gained on the campus
as tools in the workshop of the
  Like most universities and col-
leges4 , in the nation, Wisconsin
relies :on its alumni and friends
for a substantial part of its sup-
port. During the past year, the
Wisconsin   Alumni Association
has distributed more than half a
million publications carrying the
University's story to the citizens.
And the University of Wisconsin
Foundation, organized and oper-
ated by alumni and friends of the
University, has, as one objective,
the raising by. an early date, of
five million dollars. This fund will
provide for, among other things,
the construction of a Wisconsin
Idea Building for the expansion
of the University's adult ecU
tion program.              --.....
  But Wisconsin asks its alumni
for more than funds. Fro~m iits
72,000 graduates must come:-the
loyal s u p p o r t and inspiration
which only those who know the
University can give. The Univer-
sity is eager to continue to merit
the loya ty of those who studed
here. We want to justify increas-
ing respect for their Alma Mater.

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