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Schoenfeld, Clay (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 49, Number 6 (March 1948)

Sports scrapbook,   p. 42

Page 42

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Spring Competition Is
About to Get Under Way
For Six Badger Squads
  WITH THE 1948 basketball season
now history and boxing matches in full
swing, University of Wisconsin track,
baseball, tennis, golf, and crew squads
are looking forward to tough Spring
  Here is the Badger calendar:
Mar. 5-6, 1948 W e s t e r n Conference
    meet at Illinois
March. 13, 1948 Illinois Tech Relays at
Mar. 20, 1948 Daily News Relays at Chi-
Mar. 27, 1948 Purdue Relays at Lafay-
    ette, Ind.
Apr. 17 Wisconsin vs. Marquette at Mil-
Apr. 23-24 Drake Relays at Des Moines,
May   1 Wisconsin vs. Iowa at Mad-
May   8 Wisconsin at Ohio State
May 15 Open date
May 22 Wisconsin at Minnesota
May 28-29 Western Conference meet at
June 5 Open date
June 12 Central Collegiate meet at Mil-
June 18-19 National Collegiate A.A.
    meet at Minnesota
July 2-3 National A.A.U. meet at Mil-
July 9-10 Fin a 1 Olympic Tryouts at
    Evanston, Ill.
  * At Camp Randall.
Apr. 2 Illinois Normal at Normal (ten-
Apr. 3 Bradley Tech at Peoria, Ill. (2
Apr. 9 Open date to be filled
Apr. 10 Washington   University at St.
    Louis (2 games)
Apr. 16-17 Indiana at Bloomington
Apr. 19-20 Western Michigan at Kala-
Apr. 21-22 Michigan State at Lansing
Apr. 23-24 Purdue at Camp Randall
Apr. 30 Minnesota at Minneapolis
May   I Minnesota at.Minneapolis
May 7-8 Notre Dame at Camp Randall
May 14-15 Iowa at Camp Randall
May 21-22 Northwestern at Evanston
May 28-29 To be filled
June 4-5 Ohio State at Camp Randall
A:pr. 15 Wisconsin vs. Loras College at
Apr. 17 WVisconsin vs. Lawrence at
Apr. 24 Wisconsin at Notre Dame
Mlay 1 Wisconsin at Purdue
May   4 Wisconsin   vs. Marquette at
May   7 Wisconsin vs. Northwestern at
May   8 Wisconsin at Beloit College
May 14 Wisconsin vs. Ohio State at
    Northwestern (Evanston)
May 15 Wisconsin at Illinois
May 21 Wisconsin vs. Iowa at Madison*
May 22 Wisconsin at Minnesota
May 27 Western Conference meet' at
  * Varsity courts.
Apr. 16 To be filled
Apr. 23 Wisconsin vs. Beloit at Beloit
Apr. 30 Wisconsin   vs. Marquette at
May   1 Wisconsin at Northwestern
May   4 Wisconsin vs. Notre Dame at
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publicity." . . . Rosemary YOUNG and
Kermit W. JOHNSON were married last
Dec. 27 in Madison, where they are now
living at 2108 Kendall Ave. She has been
a home economist for the Wisconsin Power
and Light Co. in the Mineral Point district
... Laverne Boyle and Robert F. MILLER
were married last Jan. 10 in Milwaukee.
They are now living in Caledonia . . .
Edward BUTCHER      and Viola Rupnow
were married last Dec. 27 in Oconomowoc.
They are now living in Indianapolis, Ind.
Helen SPORRY and Arthur F. KUEHN,
'48, were married last Dec. 27. They are
now living In Madison. The bride's grand-
mother flew by TWA all the way from
Geneva, Switzerland to Chicago to attend
the wedding . . . Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth G.
JOHNSON (Carol KRAUSE, '45) announce
the birth of a son, Van Edwin, last Dec.
6. The Johnsons live in Wisconsin Rapids
at 1230½ Baker St.... Helen HARTLETT
and Robert J. Blair were married last Dec.
26 in Madison. Both are students at the
UW ... Joan TAYLOR is now doing grad-
uate work In the English Department at
Smith College, Northampton, Mass.
  N. JANISSE and Bettie Simons were mar-
ried last Aug. 23 in Arena. They are living
in Madison while he attends the UW, study-
ing mechanical engineering . . . Robert L.
HORSTMEYER and Hope E. Hill were
married last June 13. They are now living
in Madison at 1802 Helena St. He is em-
ployed at the Gisholt Machine Co .... Don
MARCOUILLER     and Adris Clark were
married last Aug. 23 in Green Bay. They
are now living at 1212 Jennifer St., Madi-
son, where he is studying in the UW School
of Music . . . John PALMER, Jr. and
Olive Bloom were married last Aug. 16 in
Poynette. He is employed by the California
Packing Corp. . . . Leon F. RICHWINE
and Junia Faye NICKEL, '49, were mar-
ried last Aug. 16 in Madison. They are now
living in New Holland . . . Gerald H.
LEICHTLE and Jeanne Burmester were
married Aug. 24 in Loganville. They are
now living in Madison at 1017 E. Lakeside
St. He is attending the UW Medical School
and she is a stenographer in the University
registrar's office . . . Lt. Col. Kenneth E.
LAY and Theodeanne DWYER were mar-
ried June 14 in Madison, where they are
now living at 3542 Gregory St. He is tak-
ing post-graduate work at the UW School
of Journalism ... Jean SCHEURING and
Thomas Stieglitz were married last Aug. 9
in Marshfleld. They are living in Indian-
apolis, Ind. where he is attending Purdue
University . . . Phyllis H. SCOVILL and
Gordon D. Anderson were married last
June 14 in Madison... Nelda M. RAIMER
and John W. COURCHANE, '49, were mar-
ried Sept. 11 in Madison, where they are
now living at 1113 University Ave. He is
employed by the Wisconsin Telephone Co.
    .Sydelle Mae RESNICK and Leonard
S. EISENBERG, "44, were married last
June 29 at Lawrence, Long Island, N. Y.
They are living in Evanston, Ill ...
May   7 Wisconsin vs. Lawrence at
May 10 Wisconsin vs. Indiana at Mad-
May 14 Wisconsin at Iowa
May 17 Wisconsin vs. Michigan State at
May 21 Wisconsin vs. Minnesota at
May 28-29 Western Conference meet at
June **, 1948 N.C.A.A. meet
  * Nakoma   country club. (Minnesota
match may be shifted to May 22).
  ** Date not yet set.
May   8 Wisconsin vs. Syracuse, Col-
    umbia, and Boston University at
    Syracuse (2-mile course).
May   * Wisconsin   Frosh  vs. Culver
    Academy at Madison (2,000 meter
May 15 Wisconsin vs. Cornell U. on
    Lake Mendota. (Varsity and JV on
    2,000 meter course).
May 29 Wisconsin. at Washington Uni-
    versity (Seattle). (Varsity and JV
    on 2-mile course).
June  * Wisconsin vs. California at
    Madison (Varsity and JV on 1% mile
June 22 Poughkeepsie Regatta at New
June 30 Olympic Trials at Philadelphia
  * Date not yet set.
Engineers Stratojet
BENJAMIN F. WERNER, '40, was cited by
the Boeing Aircraft Co. of Seattle, Wash.,
for his outstanding work as flight test
engineer on the new Boeing XB-47 Strcrio-
jet, the world's first swept-wing jet
bomber. The plane made its maiden flight
last Dec. 17, just 44 years to the day after
man's first powered flight at Kitty Hawk,
N.C. Wemer, who has been with Boe-
ing since 1941, has specialized in high
altitude testing operations and has
logged more air hours above 40,000 feet
than any other human being in the world.
Carol Jean WEBSTER and William H.
DUNNETT, '50, were married Aug. 30 in
Beloit. They are now living in Madison
where he is attending the University .
Galen F. VOSKUIL and Carol Steele were
married last Aug. 31 in Madison .
Virginia SHOWER and Creighton E. Falk-
ner were married last June 20 in Milwau-
kee .. . Helen L. SIEGEL and Gilbert E.
Copp were married last Aug. 31 in Mad-
ison. They are now living at 605 Monroe
St., Valparaiso, Ind., where she teaches
Spanish and French at the Valparaiso Uni-
versity. He is an assistant division director
at the Sears, Roebuck Co. in Chicago ...
Bette YATES and Robert Kent ACE were
married last Aug. 28 in Madison, where
they are now living at 504 W. Johnson
St.... Gilmore G. AARESTAD recently ac-
cepted a position on the library staff of the
Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore,
Md.... Donald A. BOHL recently joined
the faculty of Milton College at Milton
Junction as speech teacher . . . Last fall
Joan BURUL accepted a position as junior
and senior English teacher in the South
Milwaukee High School ... Howard GIL-
LASPIE and Florence zum BUTTEL re-
cently joined the faculty of the Lake Mills
Public Schools . . . Converse HETTINGER
recently received an appointment as a
foreign service officer with the US State
Department. He and his wife are now
living in Washington, D. C. while he is
receiving instruction. Formerly he taught
in the Spanish Department at the UW . . .
Bob STUPKA, former UW athlete, has
begun a coaching career at Holland (Mich.)
High School . . . Edith GRISWOLD and
Duane E. COUEY were married Sept. 6
in Madison. They are now living at 1937
N. Farwell Ave., Milwaukee, where he is
a foreman for the Products Miniature Co.
* . . Manetta FOCKE and Richard MER-
RILL, '49, were married last Sept. 14 at
Poynette. They are now living in Milwau-
kee, where he is studying at the Spen-
cerian Business College . . . Barbara
SWEENEY and Willard H. LEARN, '50,
were married Sept. 12 in Janesville. Until
their new home is completed, the young
couple will live at Mallwood . . . Janet
FITCH   and William  CREELMAN, '48,
were married Sept. 20 in Madison, where
they are now living on Murray P1. She is
an assistant in sociology at the UW and
he is studying engineering . . . Earl R.
LAMB and Dorothy Stas were married last
Aug. 26 at Pompey, N. Y. They are now

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