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Schoenfeld, Clay (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 48, Number 5 (Feb. 1947)

It's boxing time, too!,   p. 13

Page 13

7-tell7lie story of whieth er ths country
is to enjoy industrial peace and pros-
perity or suffer a prolonged period of
industrial war and economic turmoil,
says Prof. Nathan P. Feinsinger of the
University of Wisconsin Law School,
who is noted as a peacemaker in labor-
management disputes.
   Latest of   Professor Feinsinger's
 many achievements in the field of in-
 dustrial relations was the settlement of
 strikes which had tied up West Coast
 shipping for 50 days and the Hawaiian
 sugar Industry for 80 days. It took him
 just one week to settle each dispute.
   Professor Feinsinger was chairman
 of a three-man fact-finding board ap-
 pointed by Secretary of Labor Schwel-
 lenbach to try to bring accord both in
 shipping and sugar. The other members
 were John E. Roe, '28, Madison attor-
 ney, and Dr. Clark Kerr of the Univer-
 sity of California.
   "It was merely a matter of influenc-
 ing the parties in the disputes to solve
 their own problems," Professor Fein-
 singer says. "Nobody wants strikes,
 neither workers nor employers. They're
 engaged in psychological warfare. Keep
 them both off dead center and eventu-
 ally they will get together.
   "The only purpose the outsider can
 serve is to convince both sides that it
 is a problem which they alone can
 solve, and try to keep them working
 at it.
   "We try to persuade them to think
 for themselves, to give and take-which
 is the true spirit of collective bargain-
 ing. There is some right and some
 wrong always on both sides."
   Collective bargaining, Professor
 Feinsinger believes, is the only insur-
 ance of stability in industrial relations.
   Feinsinger and Prof. E. E. Witte of
 the UW department of economics haveĀ°,
 just been named to the US Conciliation
 Service's new 26-man panel of labor
   WISCONSIN MAY NOT have had a nationally recognized football team
   this year, but when it comes to boxing-well, that's quite another story.
   Badgers open their 1947 ring campaign this month and prospects are good
 the boys in Cardinal will be the hottest boxers in the country.
   "One of the greatest in Badger ring history" is Coach Johnny
Walsh's flat
 prediction for the '47 Wisconsin boxing team.
   His formidable array of talent is headed-by Cliff Lutz, Appleton, who
 the National Collegiate Athletic Association 155-pound championship in 1942
 and the NCAA 145-pound title in 1943. Along with Lutz is Dick Miyagawa,
 wore Wisconsin's colors in 1944 and before that the emblem of San Jose State,
 for whom he won the NCAA 127-pound crown in 1943. Still another former
 NCAA titlist is Myron "Mick" Miller of Racine, who fought for
Wisconsin in
 1943 and won the 165-pound honors. Miller will fight in the heavyweight
   ---Badger-inveteransow working -out in-the-Anmor-yinclude--
   Akio Konoshima, Madison, captain and 127-pounder for Wisconsin in 1944
 and 1946; Lyle Warzeka, Madison, Paul Kotrodimas, Milwaukee, and Jim Swen-
 son, Cameron, all 135-pounders; Richard "Hoot" Gibson, Madison,
brother of
 last year's scrappy Jackie Gibson, who will fight at 120 pounds as he did
 1944; Robert Humphrey, St. Joseph, Mo., who won all but one of his bouts
 the 145-pound class last season; Don Dickinson, Tomah, a knockout specialist
 at 155 pounds last season; Dave Reiels, Madison, letter winner at 155 pounds
   Charles Kidd, Brauson, Mo., a 155-pounder for Wisconsin in 1943; Norm
 Anderson, Madison, Johnny Lendensky, Natrona, Pa., and Ted Kozuszek,
 Peshtigo, all 165-pounders who won: letters in past seasons; and Stan Kozuszek,
 brother of Ted, who alternated between the light-heavyweight and heavyweight
 divisions last winter.
   The complete 1947 boxing schedule is as follows:
_Feb. 5Al- UniversityT ou-r-naent Mar- 14--Wiso      e      a     hi--
   Semi-Finals                         gan State
 Feb. 7-All- University Tournament Mar. 17-Catholic University at Madi-
   Finals                              son
 Feb. 14-Virginia at Madison         Mar. 21-Washington State at Madison
 Feb. 22-Penn State at College Station, Mar. 27-28-29-NCAA Tournament at
   Pa.                                 Madison
 Mar. 1-Syracuse at Syracuse, N. Y. Apr. 11-Miami at Miami, Florida
 Mar. 7-Minnesota at Madison

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